Bayern / Senden: A policeman needs to make a major transition against heroes in fire control

This event speaks: Nearly 100 troops moved to a fire in a tower. But they were hampered by residents and keepers, and so the police needed to translate.

Senden – Local viewers and residents have blocked fire in a high fire and indicated the police on the scene. A fire brigade and an ambulance service were on Saturday afternoon with nearly 100 activists opposing the fire in the lower floor of the building in the Send Bavarian, the police said.

Fire in elevation: the police must protect their enforcement

Again and again, people have tried to get friends or relatives from their home eight stories they receive. "Indeed, the firefighter can not allow it," said the police spokesman. Finally, the police officers received their intentions.

The building could be cleaned and the fire went out. The use of a happy end: no one was injured, the damage goes to about 3000.

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