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Biography: Christian Lindner is settling with Habeck and the Lamb

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Lindner is sitting with the Greens

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"Conciliation does not settle the problem"

Christian Lindner refuses to dismiss people in the debate about high rent. This does not change the housing shortage. Talking to Ohm Tatjana, the FDP chairman also mentioned Brexit and the Fridays Fridays Future campaigns.

The Liberals cautiously suggest that the owner should be evicted. Linder Christian Lindner will lead the discussion for a settlement with the Greens – Robert Habeck, which describes it as a class retoric.

Dhe presses the green consortium, Robert Habeck, to leave housing companies continuing with negotiations. FDP's chairman, Christian Lindner, is abolishing Habeck, with the debate for owners going out.

Habeck uses a dangerous fireworks "retoric", with one rule of law, says Lindner the German news agency "The housing market" is a mere cause of the political failure caused. Jamaica prefix Union of the Union, FDP and Greens, Lindner made clear.

The FDP's director of FDP has continued to argue that: "The state permits faster building applications, allowing more land and roofs, many of them can be found to the left and given lambs. T withdrawing is the same as in Berlin. "The state's building rules are going much stranger, and land tax is rising. This would not be affected by living in residences "the anonymous speculators, but all those working privately on, for example, many insurance companies. into houses ".

In the Bunestag in an existing FDP request when there is currently "There is no housing deficit through new housing to resolve" on this Wednesday too, people will come in principle. Habeck Green Boss.

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Robert Habeck

Habeck argues: "Debates are mainly debated in Germany on the minds, but they are a chance to be given by Basic Law to protect the social market economy. T For example, because we are already getting out in cities, it shouldn't have to happen completely. " t Prime Minister Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann has now passed to Habeck.

Lindners raided the Lamb

Lindner now said: "Greens mean they can only be enriched with a green red-red." Many today chose to fear the climate change – or to make the conscience itself. mending. But: "Germany's energy policy and dispersed climate go back to the Green Jürgen Trittin. Today we have the highest emission prices, but we're not meeting climate objectives. T banning and subsidies, we should in the future be dependent on the idea of ​​the economic economy with world-class engineers and technology. "Lindner added:" Mr Habeck is the new the old politics. "

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Habeck also wants to make something flying for a few wealthy people. 'So you divide the country that you can give, and the rest. Instead of banning, weather-powered hydrogen-powered aircraft should be investigated until millions of people travel in the summer not just millions. "

A director left Katja Kipping said the discussion was "more meaningful to any electoral program". "Anyone wishing to work in the cheapest market, and willing to work with the real estate companies, will be in Union, FDP and AfD, the hardest enemies," she told the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung" .

The housing issue was an important factor not only in the forthcoming state election campaigns, but had already organized the course for the forthcoming election campaign, the left ski leader. Greens will note that they want to be "an emotive party with major headlines in a radical union of the market" or whether they wish to settle social protests on the side. left and SPD.

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