Borussia Dortmund transmits products with fans for anger amongst its own supporters – BVB


"Sorry for shame": Borussia Dortmund will sell a new item in the " fan shop – so he opposed the heat dispute among fans

Dortmund sells Witsel wig. That does not go well.

Dortmund sells Witsel wig. That does not go well.

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Dortmund. It seems that the most stunning and stylish hair style is a mirror Borussia Dortmund, Axel Witsel, a Belgian midfielder engine, has now had a strong spell on his head for a number of years now.

The show was very happy with many BVB fans from the beginning. From Witsel in the summer too Borussia Dortmund Come, you'll see remote fans in the play field with Afro Wig. Coach this, in fact, its print with the number 28.

Now BVB wants to make the money like Witsel looks like it.


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BVB sells many Witsel bottles

From Monday, Witsel's wig is an official fan store in her field. BVB sells black caterpillars under the wikipedia wikipedia – and that's pretty casual: BVB fans will be able to go. paying a little less than ten eus for the arts.

The new thing in the BVB fan store that was advertised by video through its channels in the social networks: Axel Witsel is a Driving in the car through Dortmund and suddenly everyone runs around with a look.

But the video is largely on a strong hand:

"We're not here at the carnival"

"It's not funny or original but just damaging! I hope you keep the rubbish," and Twitter Twitter writing. "We're not here at the carnival, football or anything, but still in the surgery," said another. "Put the crap out of the net," said the third.

This is Axel Witsel:

  • He was born in January 1989 in Liège, Belgium
  • Between 2006 and 2011 for Standard Liege
  • Then follow Benfica Lisbon stations (2011 to 2012), Zenit St Petersburg (2012 to 2017) and Tianjin Quanjin (2017 to 2018)
  • Witsel made captains 101 for Belgium

However, it seems that the activity does not completely fly on BVB ears. Some fans will receive their & # 39; A very original idea and challenging challenge for opponents. "Do not have a very bad life. The sport may not be needed. We love the Axel and we're in a Witsel fever," says one user.

Witsel came in the summer from China and hit it back. The Belgian was previously played for Chinese Tianjin Tianjin Quanjian club.

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