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Cologne Haie loses two games against Adler Mannheim

Cologne –

Now it is very difficult for basking sharks. Following the 0-1 draw, Dan Lacroix (50) lost two final games of "Best of Seven" against the Eagles in their own 1-4 Hall.

Continuing Sunday in Mannheim – KEC now needs four trophies from five games against an elite team to date for the last world.

Although basking sharks could develop the money as a reward, despite the run, even before the series was held, it was on a Friday evening, indeed, due to the failures. at the KEC – at least that level.

It wasn't as early as Tuesday (43 seconds), but before that, Hannibal Weitz-mann, who succeeded in repeating the illness Gustaf Wesslau, struck him. Ryan Ha Jones, Haie's influenceer, sat on a penal bench when Markus Eisenschmid was time-bound to find a Weitzmann target.

Kölner Haie had been too difficult in powerplay

The eagles pushed the second aim of Weitzmann to stop first. But that fell at the beginning of the second quarter. The basking sharks, however, tried hard but progressed a little forward.

As well as playing the power of power Cologne was usually too heavy, he almost came to decisions. When Jones was finally in his job twice, he knocked out the Tuesday Tuesday morning just in Mannheim – here you felt, it would not be ruined. The Eagles showed how he worked and finished four seconds to complete their powerplay! (!!!) Before Andrew Desjardins joined the 0-3 process.

Dan Lacroix recognizes how well Adler Mannheim is

What are the morals in these circles, which show the final third? Ben Hanowski defeated the strong Denis Endras star in the 46th minute for the first time in this series. Basking sharks attacked an attack by the fans. But Desjardins did it with a 1: 4 at the top.

"Mannheim was a little better today in five against five and much better in powerplay", Lacroix did not look for any excuse: "We need to be better if we want to go back to the t series. "

Felix Schütz suffered from ice problems

And if this isn't hard enough, basking sharks complain about the next wound. And no one. Felix Schütz could not continue in the middle third, speaking after a meniscus game of difficulties. The national striker and the Pyeongchang gold hero must go to the surface of nuclear form. That doesn't look good.

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Cologne Haie – Adler Mannheim 1: 4 (0: 1, 0: 2, 1: 1)

Stands in the semi-final stages (best of seven): 0: 2

Here, you can again read the game in our live puzzle.


The Adler of Mannheim stands up as their favorite candidate and wins the second leg of the semi-final series against Kölner Haie 4: 1. That was a strong performance. But even if the result was high, basking sharks weren't hiding, bad luck with two votes. However, many were out-of-class and many had not been consistently active. In addition, the predictions were not well used.

Cologne but nobody should evict them – they have already appeared in the seasons. On Sunday, a game 3 in Mannheim (17 clock) is on it

60th Summary: The game is over! Here it is still 4: 1 for the eagles so they go in the row with a 2: 0 lead.

59 minutes: Just as Augsburg 4: 3 won the other semi-final against Munich and finished the 1-1 series.

59 minutes: Cologne must finish the game in a minority: Moritz Müller must box

58 minutes: Some fans leave the area two minutes from a moment, only the eagle supporters still enjoy singing.

56 minutes: 1: 4! David Wolf does everything right here

56 minutes: Cologne is now poorly. Not all passports come directly with the colleague.

55 minutes: Going to sharks!

54 minutes: Shopping! Garrett Festerling visits the post, because Weitzmann is quite wide.

54 minutes: Description: Adler Freiceter is kept by Zerressen. There is a penalty for the Eagles.

53 minutes: It is followed by 5 against 5. Niko Krämmer must also go out.

53 minutes: And now he's getting rough, fighting with Frederik Tiffels, that he needs to go to a penalty box.

53 minutes: Mannheim is now heading on an attack, and there are usually sharks in front of the Adler gate.

52 minutes: Physically, no-one left afterwards. Complete pace, total corporate effort even in the final minutes of the game.

51 minutes: So now it is in the final stage. The aim was very good. These are usually close to 2: 3 … tThe audience is also there.

49 minutes: Post after Zalewski's lorry! A man, a man, a man – basking sharks are bad luck

48 minutes: The next big opportunity for Frederik Tiffels. But Endurance. Sharks now plucked down

48 minutes: All KEC fans are! Does that give basking sharks a lot to catch? Anyway, the team shows: no basking!

46 minutes: 1: 3 with Hanowski. He is breaking his way. That is a very important game. Is there anything happening now?

Toooooor shark!

46 minutes: Hanowski is just past the gate – nothing to enter.

44 minutes: Basking sharks try everything, but Mannheim does it just behind him.

43 minutes: Mannheim again.

41 minutes: The high star stick gives a head count to the basking sharks. We don't expect anything …

2nd 2nd:

The basking sharks will go with 0: 3 in the second – and with all the sadness they did not score for five-thirds against the Eagles. That's more than bitter. But the Eagles have been very clear in this section why they are completing their big tour as landlords as team leaders. They are difficult! Cologne has to do something, or so will be a stark row.

36 minutes: In the event, the center has 14,087 viewers – Eagle supporters only have a special place.

35 minutes: And that's 3: 0 for Mannheim. We shall repeat. Weitzmann cannot be blamed.

35 minutes: Despres burnt land outside – again two minutes as a result of the game's delay. that's incredible. Cologne was not higher.

35 minutes: Yes, is it? !! Sharks weigh but it just wants to get into it. Adler is finished again, lasting a dangerous step.

34 minutes: Mannheim with four players

34 minutes: There is no visit, the bags will be towing on the ice after Jones's view from the post, just over the line when the gate is thrown out of the harbor.

34 minutes: Gate to basking sharks? Video evidence should be clarified.

33 minutes: And another eagle out! Getting out now for Cologne 51 seconds because of the punishment of Akdag (Beinstellen).

32 minutes: Thomas Larkin also flies over the bead. Man from Mannheim must leave for two minutes as a result of the game's delay, just as Jones had previously done. More than. Is there anything going on?

30 minutes: Until the middle of the second half of the survey numbers: Cologne six attempts, Mannheim 13. The guests are more active in this section.

29 minutes: Cologne again

27 minutes: Sharks are now swimming. A well-balanced firm, Weitzmann with good saving. And Köhler has to be discovered for two minutes – again KEC didn't have a larger number.

26th minute: Cologne again

25 minutes: Weeds, the pup of Weitzmann

24th minute: Jones sits outside because of the delay in the game.

24th minute: The basking sharks are larger.

23 minutes: 2: 0 Chad Kolarik is free of the long post. It can interfere with problems. That was too easy, basking sharks!

22 minutes: Adler is finished again – the Cologne can't come before the surface.

21 minutes: Puck back in the game, mostly Haie, still 1:33 minutes.

Third 1:

Mega's hard game. The Reul Mannheim surprises high of Jones, again in Mannheim, and again on the penal, with the old woman of anger with much anger, as he does not get the entrance.

Originally, basking sharks were remarkable in Mannheimer's Zone. But the eagles have accepted, that's very good, running a lot. Mannheim used a pre-payment game for the lead. But the game is still on a pitch. The only problem: The third third in a row without a shark gate. Who finally breaks the spell?

20 minutes: Penalty Charge: 2 + 10 – Check the head

20 minutes: Reul has to go out again after checking Cologne Jones. Cologne now has 27 seconds more than the devil.

20 minutes: The last one in the first instance will go. Can the sharks start another good attack?

18 minutes: Suddenly Tommi Huthala himself before Weitzmann. A KEC custodian stops and Huhtala is reconstructed from Akeson because he has starch.

17th minutes: Mannheim again

16th minute: Rok Ticar with a hammer. An end to the place.

15 minutes: Now the opportunity for the KEC. But Felix Schütz is drawn off and Matthias Plachte has to go down for 2 minutes. So Cologne's idea is continuing.

Fourteen minutes: The eagles are now doing well. Basking sharks are not pulling up a pay game.

13 minutes: Cologne with three, four good opportunities, but lead the eagles. Perhaps now the chance is equality: Cologne mainly, Reul has to go to the bank because of a disability, and also lost a skate on the ice.

11 minutes: The Cologne must now be sorted, they are finished.

9 minutes: 0: 1! Then it will rappels! Markus Browse us with dry burning. To be used.

9 minutes: Adler Reul is bloody, Ryan Jones has 2 + 2 minutes on the bench – thanks to a stick stick. Mannheim later in the majority.

8 minutes: Hospels are heavy, but he can't control the clock to burn burnt the target. Nevertheless, basking sharks on the busier!

Six minutes: Cologne Weitzmann's goalie Cologne Weitzmann finds out – which will provide security!

5th minutes: Mannheim again.

5th minutes: Cologne is finished – and now mostly.

4th minute: A Felix Schütz class opportunity – certainly sharks are closer to the first aim of the guests.

3rd minute: The exceptions at Mannheim must also go down because of disability, so going off the Adler's advantage. With 4 against 4 it's ongoing.

3rd minute: Lucas Dumont has to go to the penalty box – the first higher number for Mannheim.

2nd minute: An eagle is being placed through his own third place. Akeson at Cologne by himself in front of Endras, which gets hold of the sack. That was nearby.

1st minute: A good feeling, a great chick from the eagle supporters and the first glimpse of Pfohl, the Puck bangs Endward. The game is running and it's getting hot at the moment …

19.10 clock: Welcome to the live watch for the second match of a semi-playoff series between the Cologne Haien and Adler Mannheim. Sharks had to disguise bad news before the duke: No 1 goalie Gustaf Wesslau had to be finished. He recently left Mannheim with pain and pain, and he also complained of fever. The young boy Hannibal Weitzmann (23) is again returning to the posts. In the first game it had already been trusted.

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