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Confirmative state of false cells strengthen strength against rod Increasing new protection to & # 39; Looks Looks – Scinexx

Unofficial Protection Forums: Researchers have identified unprotected protection protection devices against their disease in human drops. It is stimulated by weight of the specific components of the intestinal mucosa cells. This causes that cellular cells have immunoglobulin A – and this is a discharge; Strengthening its intestinal stomach and its & # 39; preventing remote reactions. Researchers are now hoping that this device could also improve the treatment of inflammatory disease.

Millions of people around the world suffer from inflammatory disease diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. In Germany alone, these diseases are infected. affecting around 300,000 patients, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The causes caused by this intestine logo are sufficiently clear. There are causes that include not only genetic risk factors, but also disorders of the intestinal flame and the intestinal barriers caused by chemicals environmental, disasters or paper-makers.

Stress with a positive impact

Now, researchers have found an actor in the disease, apparently both have a positive and negative impact on gut health. This is the endoplasmic retrospective (ER) – a membrane branrach network within the intestinal mucous cells. It recognizes the importance caused by environmental factors and this can lead to light to collapse.

But as it emerges, ER stress can also protect the disease from pockets. For the study, Joep Grootjans of Harvard Medical School and his colleagues investigated the effects of ER in mice. They found that the cells of intestinal mucosa were inaccurate, especially in removal of abdominal cells. "Our data shows that the disease is actively involved in these cells during the ER arrangements through previously unknown and so-called" a & # 39; explains colleague Grootjan, Niklas Krupka.

Antibody as a defense force

The interesting thing was that the plasma cells that were then encouraged began to start. allow them to dispose of antibodies of the immunoglobulin A (IgA) type – and this has a positive impact on the likelihood. Given that more and more of these protection protocols strengthen the real mucosa protection barriers and that they may can protect the mice from too high reactions. On the other hand, if the researchers hit the antibodies to be removed or transported, the protection protection was not implemented and the propeller was brought forward.

It is also interesting: this protection tool is particularly independent from the mystery flower. Because of the discovery of scientists, this adverse effect also occurs in a completely unexpected mouse: "By creating ER stress in behavioral cells, b & # 39 ; we can make a huge increase in IgA representation in the mice inside, "said Krupka. "This shows that we are dealing with a basic defensive device that does not even need a natural natural setting."

New method for treating intestinal bleeding

Creatures and their crew believe that this protection device is also present in the & # 39; ghut. There was a mark for this found in the real biopsies of people who had an ER struggle that encouraged gene change: even & # 39; And they found more cells with IgA in the bone. This may show that this protection response is weaker for a generation or even a # 39; and absenteeism in people with inflammatory disease.

The researchers hope that the future knowledge can be used for new approaches to inflammatory disease and are already planning further surveys. "The ER weight of the mucosa of the pain can be useful – similar to the term borrowed from psychology, Eustress & # 39 ;: promoting inspiration that has a positive impact however, the organization, "said Krupka. (Science, 2019; doi: 10.1126 / science.aat7186)

Source: Bern University

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