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Cook the rice properly – as it works – Guide

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Part of the diet is due to the diet of many vitamins and minerals. The offer is in the huge shop and at the huge discount shop: it has, in other cases, round grain, medium grain and a long grain of grain. All types are suitable for preparation types and other vessels. Where are the differences? And how does the perfect season flourish?

Recognize good recipe

Rice is a good idea as a new grain, says NDR TV chef Tarik Rose. If it is sore or musty, it might be a bad sex.

Plan properly

Preparation is being prepared in salted water. The most common methods are:

  • cooking: The rice is cooked as pasta in plenty of salt water and then spilled. However, when you pour, many of your healthy foods are missing.
  • juice: The rice is boiled by up to two times the amount of salt water and then turning the stove to the lowest level. The rice involves the water slowly and up. This is how most materials are stored.

A variety of rice

When cooking a long grain of grain, attention needs to be given to the different cooking times. And each time is acceptable for other vessels:

  • brown rus cooking takes about 30 minutes to cook. He is still loving and he tastes nuts.
  • Russia is folded You will cook about 20 minutes. It's quite elaborate and frank, because when you're cooking, it's not getting depressed. "Parboiled" is standing for "boiled part", in English "part cooked". The technical processing process ensures that cooking is less time consuming. The nutrition is maintained.
  • White rice at the shortest time of cooking with around ten minutes. It's not so sticky if you wash it before you go cooking. White rice includes the best salt. The white rice also includes Thai rice and basmati, which have a severe aroma and taste.
  • wild rus: It's not now, but North America's joke is growing close to rivers and lochs. At the same time, many of the wildcat comes from normal farms. Prusts are higher than wild rains than normal razors. Because it is expensive, it is often sold in mixes, for example by basmati rus.

Arsenic danger in time?

Some viewers have advised market editors that there is a seal in rice. However, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment considers that there is no risk to losing health. The effects associated with the long-term intake of non-organic arsenic such as skin damage, fever damage and the nervous system are likely to be unlikely to use rice, t it is said in one Informative page.

The recipes from the program

Creamy Risotto is one of classical languages ​​of Italian food. In this difference he is tied to a puffin mushroom and tomato cocktail.

Healthy eating can flourish as quickly and quickly. Cook the different vegetables in a mixture of soup and milk-milk. Serve with a newly cooked rice.

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