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Divisional screening! Chemnitzer FC celebrates Nazi who died – Chemnitz

Scandal in the Republic!

More than 4,000 people will rise to an imminent summary yesterday when a black and white image is shown in front of the Chemnitz vs. local league game. Altglienicke (4: 4) on the stadium video screen. The Ultras is a crossbuilding. Downing couch in Pyro block. The CFC opponent, Daniel Frahn, will wrap a hooligan shirt later in the summer.

An amazing thing about this is: The person who has this public death here, is Thomas Haller, a renowned archaeologist and hooligan.


Haller came to death on a week's cancer, according to Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk, who first introduced the scandal in the stadium. A self-known non-Nazi B & B; and established the HooNaRa Association (Hooligan Nazi fines) according to MDR in the early percentages.

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Photograph: Harry Haertel

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Pyrotrauer around hooligan: there were 4006 fans in the playground, officially thought of a major non-NaziPhotograph: Harry Haertel

In addition, Haller was the head of a security company (Haller Security). The ones provided to 2007, the police at Chemnitz Stadium, went to the club due to "destructive club statements" for halting the Haller order.

Ultimately, but not only, Haller has been involved in raising the young emergency scene in Chemnitz after MDR information and being involved in the disasters after the death Daniel H.

Disturbing the scenes that took place in Chemnitz and in the playground.

Following the death of the right radical, the SPD adviser and the producer of CFC Peggy Schellenberger fans first related to Facebook, he says: "We lived in a completely different world and We decided at a fantastic time for completely different ways. There were basic things that we left tightly. But also the other, human. We have always been fair, just , informal and warm together – that has made you a reputation. Rest in peace! "

SPD Member Parliament Murdo Müller published quickly, said to the MDR: "Chemnitz's subdivisions of the SPD sub-area are clear from any sympathy. Peggy Schellenberger does not speak for SPD Chemnitz. "Müller can not understand the Schellenberg statement," if you know who he is. "

But his people lost their hooligan on Saturday's end in the playground: the CFC showed a big picture of Haller on his / her; his video. The journalist had a quiet moment with his headquarters. A symbolic man burned over the "Rest in peace, Tommy" pyrotechnics, and behind it a cross was built.

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Photograph: Harry Haertel

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Daniel Frahn with a wild shirtPhotograph: Harry Haertel

There were 4006 fans in the playground, which included families with children; It could not be known who was Tommy Haller. They also had to mourn too through silence. And they were reminiscent of their game on the independent Nazis.

Keeper Daniel Frahn took a shirt saying "Support for the local hools" during the celebration. He extended him to the block where Tommy Haller always confessed. Unfit for club. The CFC announced Sunday in writing: "This campaign can not be accepted by Chemnitzer FC. For such words, there is no room on the football field. Chemnitzer FC will have a & # 39 ; analyze this case and analyze disciplinary measures. "

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