Do we need additional vitamin tablets to make sunlight instead of winter months?

Provision of Vitamin Deficiency in Germany

Surveys have shown that the vitamin D supply in Germany is complicated. Not only adults, but also many children and adolescents have reduced values. If there is a lack of vitamin at present, the changes – after a medical examination – in many cases can be consulted. But some people carry out such unprecedented arrangements. This does not make sense, expert warnings.

Many believe that you should clean up the Vitamin D provisions in the winter. Indeed, such money is not recommended but for a few people. (Image: blackzheep /

There is no protection against harmful diseases

Some will be enhanced because they think they are going to get it. doing something good for their health and preventing illness. Warentest Stiftung appears on her website that does not have her / her. make real sense.

Because scientists have evaluated hundreds of checks in recent years to find out if patients D & # 39; protect against other continuing diseases and have not been adversely affected.

For example, in an earlier statement of the Non-Offensive German Society, vitamin D has been said to not be the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, adverse effects and diabetes mellitus 2.

Sunlight in the months is not enough cold

Vitamin D is also referred to as a "sun-shaped" as the human body makes it 80 to 90 percent under the influence of the sun. The UVB high rays that also make the skin are essential.

However, not everyone does the same amount of cotton D – it depends on the age, tightness of skin and skin type.

According to Warentest Stiftung, the general rule that is not a sun in its & # 39; Germany from October to March is enough to have enough vitamin D. But the skin does not make vitamin D in the snow and winter.

"The body also makes a little vitamin D, if you go for a while in the winter with your side and with gloves for a period of time, about 20 to 30 minutes," said spokesman of the Offensive German Society, the – Professor Helmut Schatz.

But especially in the warm months, enough sun needs to be taken back. Because it's faster and in summer, the storage of vitamin D can be easily filled, because body can store the democracy; fat in fat and wild muscles and liver.

This stock is usually enough to come without any deficiencies over the dark season.

Diet should only contain a small part of the need

As the Warentest Stiftung writes, only a small part of the vitamin D requirement can be met with food, for example ten to 20 percent. So, there are only a few foods that contain a lot of vitamin D.

To a large extent, most of them are in fatty fish such as salmon and herring. To a lesser extent, egg, egg and some mushrooms such as chanterelles and mushrooms and vitamin D.

Those with vitamin levels can be too low due to the lack of sunlight in the winter, according to health specialists, visiting food enhancements.

However, Pills' pills are not recommended for everyone's vitamin, as experts warned the Notheerskammer Apothekerkammer.

Unfortunately, it can not be overlooked. Due to the commissioning of drugs of a German medical profession (AkdÄ), he can also be able to; means pre-rose with vitamin D. additions

Another problem is that many of these materials are not recommended, as an audit commissioned by "Öko-Test" is shown.

Nutrition improvement for risk groups

"People are pretty healthy, active to benefit from vitamin D," and " writing Warentest Stiftung. "For some risk groups, however, they can be useful."

This includes, but is not limited to, people over 65, how many people of this age are experiencing; reducing the vitamin D. Potential. In part, it does not do so much less Dototine as in previous years.

Even young people, who are rarely into the new atmosphere as a result of illnesses, visit vitamin D developments after consulting a doctor.

Under these conditions, the Warentest Stiftung varies therapies as appropriate for the prevention and handling of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D pipes can be useful for other special infections: for example, small respiratory diseases can be inhibited by attacking vitamin D from the bone.

Continuous sedimentary disease, dizziness deficiency, parathyroid failure or some medication such as anti-epileptics can also resist vitamin D.

Do not take more vitamin D results for suspicion

In addition, the Foundation provides a child's health recommendation in accordance with the scientific groups of a handbag:

Every child in Germany from the first week of his life to the end; The second experience was early in the summer, according to the date of birth for one and a half years, as well as breast milk or baby food registers or 400 to 500 units of sweetness -donn 3 is provided by a doctor,

Vitamin D development should be better with fluoride prophylaxis against tooth decay. Preterm children with less than 1,500 grams of less than 800 to 1,000 units of vitamin D should be found in the first month of life.

Typically: "D-food developments should not be taken under suspicion. They are not recommended but if a doctor is not sufficiently proven," said Antje Gahl of the German Life Society (DGE).

The surgeon will then determine the status of the person; at the moment of life D, if necessary. However, people with legal insurers are only recovered for this blood test if there is a reasonable suspicion of need, such as osteoporosis.

The doctor and the patient need to make a decision on a case at least whether the test makes sense. Most patients' patients will be able to. The cost of the study is paid 20 to 30 times. They also pay for the vitamin D provisions only in certain cases. (AD)

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