DSDS (RTL): Thong – Xavier Naidoo strives to translate

The strict DSDS will include a real stripe. But then the situation is rising. Xavier Naidoo needs to translate.

Köln – Saturday DSDS Presentation (2.2.) Provides not only the unusual vision of the spectators. The jury also reaches its borders. Do not do something like that every day by throwing it: insert a real strip! Which then evolved in a very unpleasant way to the jury. That was already obvious from a trailer previously announced.

Advocate Alexander Ensign (DSDS shock: Pietro Lombardi wholly whips – Wutrede on the web, as an extratipp.com * description), that is the lawyer Oana Nechiti and his three male colleagues with open skin that promotes. To a degree, then especially in the age of 30. "Write my song to you, Oana," announcing the candidate. "A love song."

He is still in the black shirt and otherwise in a very ordinary pre-jury cloth. Well, almost – he uses roller wings on his legs.

Then Alasdair is a blank drag. He is only standing on the front of the jury with a coat and a leopard pattern pattern – or instead of the middle.

An uncertain thong comes to light.

© RTL Screenshot

Between Oana and Xavier Naidoo, to be right. Oana gets up and her & # 39; trying to escape, but he follows on his roller wings. "Oana, I'm going to inherit today," Alexander croons.

Oana Nechiti will take away.

© RTL Screenshot

As the applicant is close to discomfort and extends her hand, it is enough for everyone. "No, no, come on! No," said Oana diligently. She still laughs, but you can see how uncomfortable & # 39; the situation is for her. Alasdair is not a gentleman, otherwise. But maybe Xavier Naidoo. He shares himself between his consular consultee Oana and the applicant, so that he can not put it on his / her; football.

To sing, the candidate will stay in an attack method. "But I'll get out there and I'll come into your little flower, a little flower, do, a tower!", He smokes stubbornly. That's really going too far.

Oana Nechiti is also postponed. Due to: he says "Nikita" on her. She says clearly: "Initially, learn my name reasonably!"

Recently, the DSDS candidate's shoes have been surprisingly surprised – Pietro attacked his will. And Lombardi had recently tried to get a woman, who she was.


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