Euro Award: German will win over 60 million euros in the lottery – News Inland

What won a lot for this Rhineland-Palatinate!

In the sixth round of the Euro Jackpot lottery in 2019, the first multi-million anniversary of the new year: German won 63,248,942.30 euros.

In Helsinki, Finland, the winning numbers 5-8-21-24-26 and the two Euro 4 and 5 numbers were pulled out on Friday afternoon. And exactly this number combination has been on the removal of the Rhineland-Palatinate game.

The lucky person, therefore, is the first multi-millionaire of the year still young in his; Euro Jackpot lottery.

Other German under the profitable level 2

In the profit class 2, there are four other manufacturers from Bavaria, Sweden, Denmark and Finland; Looking forward to a huge victory of 590.259.40 Euro is responsible. Each of the winners from Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Finland, Lithuania and Denmark twice have attracted € 138,884.50 from a & # 39; Class 3 job.

In the year ending 2018, there were 90 participants in the # 39; Euro Jackpot lot to become new millions. That is an average of around 1.7 fortunate birds per week, who won a million euro or more. The prize in the & # 39; The main prize was even ten times hit by 17 players that were so many millionaires.

For the next draw next Friday (15 February 2019) the Euro Jackpot is again at the starting point of 10 million. The goal is capable of everywhere in the lottery or at

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