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Florian Silbereisen: Is it now with another star?

Facebook has a busy post of Facebook with fans: is Florian Silbereisen now with another music star? Now there is clarity.

Spremberg – "Franziska the new love of Florian !!!" – this is from the 20th of December on the fans page Florian Silbereisen on reading Facebook. In its reactor ideas: "Officially in January". It would not be helpful, facts about star relationships, there are many. And it's a very small site with around 2,800 followers. But the truth has been independent since then and has come ashore in different media. In addition, someone has now taken a chance to get their bottom up. case.

More precisely: an Lusatian Rundschau, Because Franziska is a pop singer Franziska Wiese (32). She comes from Spremberg in Lusatia. Her mother, who also cares for her displays, Molly Moden's shop in the small town of 25,000. And he was also surprised greatly by his / her consideration of her daughter. "A number of users have already responded to this," said Manuela Wiese.

"Franziska and Florian Silbereisen should be a couple of rumor"

She clearly speaks: "Franziska and Florian Silbereisen should be two or two, it's really true and not true." Not a & # 39; The first time a parent appears to have a relationship that may have the following. The father of Thomas Seitel was the affirmation of the relationship between Helene Fischer and his official confirmation. It is just that Helene-Ex Florian Silbereisen should now be with Franziska Wiese, it is clear that this is not true.

"Who puts these facts in the world, I do not know. It's surprising that many of the media continue to spread, "said Manuela Wiese.

Florian Silbereisen and Franziska Wiese know each other

However, there is evidence that Florian Silbereisen and Franziska Wiese experience each other well. She appeared on her ARD show and sang with him, accompanying him at concerts in different countries.

Hach, it would be good, if the Sprembergerin was with Florian Silbereisen, some are thinking about the place. "Should it be appropriate, why? Where is just a falling relationship," says Yvonne Hauschulz from the local restaurant "Hühnerstall".

Even with her little poet; in Spremberger. Klaus Peter Schulze spoke Lusatian Rundschau, He does not want to comment on his fortune about Franziska Wiese and Florian Silbereisen, but he is well-remembered for those who are 32 years old. She was an administrative assistant in her home hall. She had been a "diligent and enthusiastic apprentice," Schulze said.

So now he is an apology for Franziska Wiese, who is a fiddle trademark. With "Alles Weiss" she has released her second record. Further reflected by Florian Silbereisen – except professionally and privately.

Video: Is Helene Fischer playing here?

At the same time, Florian Silbereisen is back with his old bupa. And he has a famous worshiper.

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