Flutter 1.2 This was done in the first installment for installation

Developing native apps for iOS and Android from codebase: Not just what Google's super-platform framework, Flutter, is now in. Getting the first upgrade of its active feature. That has happened.

Google continues to & # 39; Driving Flutter's development, the super-platform framework for native mobile applications. In Barcelona, ​​its first update was presented after the 1.0 stack layer version had been presented at Congress World Congress (short: MWC). A beta release that was released in January; in 1.1, which is now played nicely under number 1.2.

Focus on consistency, achievement and quality

In draft 1.2, the Flutter team has been targeting three areas:

  • Improvements to the overall framework for sustainability, performance and quality
  • Improved use of the equipment functions of the machine; already
  • New development tools on the net

Particular attention was given to the test and code infrastructure as well as destroying problems with many drag requests, which are given in the GitHub wiki.

Features in Flutter 1.2

The servers set for iOS have provided additional support for editing text with their currents. In addition, he added many factors to carry animation. In addition, the development of a new keyboard events desk and road hole support was developed. The Flutter plugin team has been working on including buying an in-app, as well as many of the video player, webview, and a & # 39; map cookies cookies. Flutter is a part of the Flutter refreshment as well as the Dart SDK 2.2, which greatly enhances code performance and a new set startup language.

New development tools on the net

Google is also sending to & # 39; The first prospect of the dart and flutter development tools that help protect and analyze applications. These dart darts can be called directly into Android Studio and Visual Studio Code or used from the command line. The installation instructions have already been recorded on a separate page. The following tools should be supported:

  • Widget Inspector: For vision and analysis of tree coordination
  • Timeline: A frame-by-frame demonstration view for identifying sites – eg a seasonality show – in an app
  • debugger: It will work on the source code code and to lock and delete broken points. show the profession stack
  • Log in: Handheld app shows from the app as well as network events, frameworks, and compassion collection

Flutter Road Map: Fill and Desk

In the next drafts, Flutter's team focuses on the internet and desktop applications. The aim is to make a cross-border frame Frutter that is; passing mobile apps. In addition, there is an opportunity to provide a web app and desktop applications for Windows and Mac with just one code base. Google would also add a lot to the GitHubs Electron JavaScript framework.

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