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For the third time: Scholz-Flieger already broken – politics abroad

It is like hell! Again, there is a breakdown in the government aircraft of "Konrad Adenauer". And again she meets the Minister for Federal Finance Scholz (60, SPD). He wanted to fly to New York with the A340 instrument tomorrow. But nothing comes out of it.

A second test at Cologne was the second time within ten days when an ambulance plane started. As BILD learned from the circles Bundeswehr, the tire was blocked when coming ashore, overtaking it and then erupting.

But obviously the tire is not the only problem! According to BILD information, he could have landed a gear. The German Armed Forces and Lufthansa Technik now have to look more closely at destruction.

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Photo: Bernd of Jutrczenka / dpa

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Shadow Finance Minister Scholz (SPD) cannot fly as the government tool expectedPhoto: Bernd of Jutrczenka / dpa

saying: The machine was removed first until the purpose is clarified. There is a big risk that the same thing will happen again on the next one. Minister Scholz is now required to avoid a smaller A321 aircraft. But since his tank is not big enough for a long distance, the minister must remove land. As BILD learned from the Bundeswehr, the stop in Iceland should be stopped.

Whilst the Theodor Heuss, the second A340 plane, is still there, which created the route still. However, according to information from BILD only in the normal inspection.

"Nothing super extraordinary"

Last Monday, a tire came to land in New York at the "Konrad Adenauer". The disruption caused the visit of the Federal Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) to be taken on board by his delegation.

The device had just moved in after the tire was blown up and the stop had come to an end. "Everything is fine," said Luftwaffe spokesman. On the plane board only the crew and some technicians were on it. The causes of the event are currently being reviewed.

Scholz meets him for the third time

In recent months, the Bundeswehr aircraft jetty had been constantly problematic.

▶ ︎ Alone Olaf Scholz is met for the third time. Last year, bones put pressure on the "Konrad Adenauer", which the minister was at the Bali World Finance Fund conference.

In November, Vice-Chancellor appointed a table to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Angela Angela Merkel (CDU, 64). The two men were on their way to the G20 summit in Argentina. But because of an abstract distribution box, the flight would have to be stopped.

His colleague Heiko Maas only worked in February because of a failed failure to ride a wardening machine in a West African race. The Troop then presented the A340 "Theodor Heuss" to Mali to build Maas and his delegation.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was then lost in Ethiopia at the end of January. The Minister for Development, Gerd Müller (CSU) was also arrested in an air crash in an African trip.

For the third time: Scholz-flieger again broke

Developing a view

The only good news is that progress is improving. Since the government recently published three new "aviators" for € 1.2 billion – "to maximize airline performance."

The A350 aircraft contract is to be closed by April 15, according to the BILD paper it received.

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