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Fortnite marks St Patrick 2019 with a green, green, rainbow clover

Fortnite today runs a microsite for the Irish national holiday, St Patrick's Day. He is currently in his shop on 17.3. 2019 so Sgt. Green clover. Even the unusual Skin Epic of Ireland has shaken paints and back cover.

It's going on in Fortnite today: t The Irish celebrate St Patrick's Day on Sunday. The day is traditionally green.

Fortnite will never miss a party chance, they will also take part in the Oktoberfest. That's why Epic is giving a small event this Sunday. But so far this has proved to be very much in the game shop.

But it does have a rainbow and it appears to be a special, limited method.

This is the shop offer in Fortnite today of 17.3.

This is now in Fortnite's Cash Shop: t

  • The most interesting thing is the rare scree "Sgt. Grünklee" (Sgt. Green Clover) – only available on St Patrick's Day 2018 and was likely to have been available again in April 2018 – so it was t that is rare skin.
  • The Goldtopf harvesting machine for 1200 V-Bucks is also available
  • The new “Glücksmuster” logo is also available for 300 V-Bucks
  • and the 'fortune' back cover is also available today for 300 V-Bucks in the Fortnite shop t
  • Green is also a “lucky wheel” for 1500 V-Bucks
  • Apparently, you can import coal with the statement "Doubloon rain"
    going through the region

Sgt Green Green is now in his shop – the people were hot

What is so special about the green skin clover? The skin is one of the "schoolchool" bands.

Some even hoped that everyone would get a different image of the skin from the old skin, like the Skull Trooper. But this hope for a free tree was disappointing.

How will Fortnight mark St Patrick's Day? There has been a rainbow in the game from yesterday. It is expensive and expensive. It's even a good name in a rainbow.

These Fortnit plans seem to be a new way of reducing the "green" sections. But this is only a snapshot so far – the method is not yet officially published.

Greenish level

Clock 20:54 update: The process is set to survive. The cloth was right. This method is called "green level" and only falls a green garlic – if you do not come to a map map.

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