Germania's president rejects "mirror" brush-leaflets – economics

Germanian president rejects amazing things before breaking!

The president and owner of Germania company, Karsten Balke, who has recently been defended, has banished his & her; Proceed to terminate the transfer of assets to the breach of his company.

▶ ︎ Compared to BILD Balke said there was no "movement within the German or third party".

In particular, it took Germania Flugzeugbeteiligungsgesellschaft and Germania Aviation Asset AG.

Balke to BILD: "As far as an agreement with Airbus was transferred over the purchase of 25 flights, this contract does not represent any assets. Because the purchase price for the planes is still not paid. A new buyer would have to pay their purchase price agreement, if he wants to get the plane. "

"Germania Flugzeugbeteiligungsgesellschaft was not set up to move motifs at Germania Airport. Indeed, no move was made there. This is only a firm without property or business shelf." The same which corresponds to the & # 39; company "Rubin88".

In terms of the hotel sales with "Usedom Palace" and "Hotel Waldhaus" to Ingrid Bischoff, a company's founder widow, Balke emphasized that "Ms Bischoff was at a fair and normal market price". "An external evaluation was carried out for the valuation of the ground before its contract was completed," said Balke to BILD.

According to the BILD information, Roland Berger's regulatory consultation has been at the same time employed to explore the user's options for a ferry company and to integrate and communicate relevant company information with potential reservoir.

▶ What happened?

The "Spiegel" said on Friday that assets had been moved and that new spin-off was set up when Germania was broken.

According to the report, the intention was that credit could be more difficult if there was a breach. The "Spiegel" was in charge of the documents and entry records of the Berlin-Charlottenburg district court.

The "mirror" follows: "According to the documents, a leader and one Germania owner, Karsten Balke, had established a new company already in April 2018 called Germania Flugzeugbeteiligungsgesellschaft and ordering . Reason: to get and hold planes. "

Unsubscribed 260,000 flight flights

Breaking is for passengers to break in any situation: Thousands of passengers are seated at the expense of the place at the informal Airline Germania aircraft.

Passengers have an impact of around 260 000 cases in time to the end of May 2020, which was held directly by Germania, as spokesman for the temporary terrorist administrator who Friday said on request from the German Media Group.

However, there was a small amount of hope for almost 1700 employees; company. Rüdiger Wienberg's temporary violence administrator stated that he was holding talks with interested parties about compromises that could be in custody.

Germany was introduced for inception at the beginning of the week and completed jobs.

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