Google has paid more penalties in the EU than taxes around the world

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Alphabet Google's mother has paid fewer taxes around the world than penalties in the EU in the last year. This was calculated by the British Computing magazine in line with the 2018 annual report.

The alphabet increased its revenue by 23 percent to $ 136.8 billion in fiscal 2018. Net income even more than doubled from $ 12.7 to 30.7 billion. Only with taxes, there was a sharp decline. Due to tax relief in the US, Google only had to pay $ 4.2 billion in income taxes. By 2017 he was $ 14.5 billion; there.

Google: $ 5.1 billion in EU penalties compared to $ 4.2 billion in taxes

According to British Computing magazine calculations, Google would have to pay taxes around the world in the EU borders. As EU last year's penalties lasted to 5.1 billion dollars – nearly double more in 2017, with 2.7 billion dollars; money forward. A 4.3 million billion unit was set up by the EU Commission in the summer due to poor market power in the Android smartphone system. There are already 50 million other bullies in 2019 on Google's bill. For this sentence, the CNIL French defense authority was convicted of the policies for the breach of the GDPR.

This income tax was well below 2017, accounting for just 12 per cent of Google prepayment profits, largely due to Trump administration tax reform. Thanks to this reform, US coroners working internationally, such as Google or Apple, now have to pay less if they return their profits from abroad to USA.

Google Office Dublin: Not so happy you are working in the European President

Earlier this year, the FD financial newspaper, listing data from the Dutch Chamber, said that in 2017, Google has been controlling nearly 20 billion euro from the Department Europe to Bermuda. Google Irish has been active, he says in the FAZ. So, the company has saved a billion billion in taxes, because there is no income tax on the Caribbean Islands. The whole thing is legal with the way.

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