GZSZ star Ulrike Frank has an unfinished desire for children: "painful times"

She has been on camera for GZSZ for 17 years and has been married to her husband for almost 20 years. However, children are not Ulrike Frank and Marc Schubring – a point that has already been a hard test on the connection.

A series of 14 pictures

This year, Ulrike Frank and the composer, Marc Schubring, are celebrating the wedding ceremony, that is the 20th anniversary of marriage. On 1 February, the actor GZSZ was also 50 – 2019 a special year for the Mimin. Time to look back.

"Everyone now and then there are months of emotion"

A couple's marriage is without a child, but there was no conscious decision, as Marc Schubring says. A conversation with "Bunte" says: "It did not work biologically. We would have been open – and indeed, good parents," he says to add, "From Occasionally there are times to fight where I would not expect if children or two were playing under my shield. "

Ulrike Frank also describes how tough it is & # 39; This situation was sometimes for everyone. "Between them, it was not easy for both of us, there were heavy hours and pain," she said. "It's been a long process before we have hoped." Despite everything, a & # 39; Actress again makes it clear: "I'm very happy for the wedding." Marc Schubring is also happier than satisfied: "Our life has always been moving and very cool."

This year Ulrike Frank should be moved. From the middle of March, she will Starting the dance floor at "Let's Dance". It is supported by GZSZ authors, because of it; Her role is written in this stage so she can emphasize the training.

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