Helene Fischer as he opted: "I was trustworthy!" – Panorama

Helene Fischer as he opted: "I was trusted!"

Helene Fischer talks about working with the star designer, Peter Lindbergh.

Helene Fischer talks about working with the star designer, Peter Lindbergh.

Picture: Imago / Star Media

It was very special pictures; in them Helene Fischer, Pictures of deep, intense and close connection that you could not see a German magazine cover for a long time.

Helene Fischer built a few months ago by Peter Lindbergh's star designer for German Vogue. Talk to the magazine he & # 39; speak Helene Fischer Now about working with the star photographer, who has already photographed Kate Moss and Emma Watson.

Helene Fischer: Schlagerstar talks about working with Peter Lindbergh

"To be honest, there was no expectation at all and I got a full part of it and I relied on it. Indeed, it really made me as realistic, coherent and honest Yes, in my motions, I allowed to stream it and then just danced to him. I also felt that it was just for him – and that was absolutely magical. "

At the time, the pictures did not stimulate enthusiasm only. Some fans have criticized that Helene Fischer looks older in the pictures than it is.

The separation of Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen

The pictures are the main conversation theme before the division between Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen.

The children's music star Rolf Zuckowski talks about a split

Recently recently, a close friend of the ex-sweetheart Helene, Florian Silbereisen, was a relative of his friendship; before. Kindermusik's star, Rolf Zuckowski, spoke openly to Stupid about the relationship of the two sad dreams of Schlager's dream.

+++ Helene Fischer: Caraid Florian Silbereisen unpacks air divide +++

"I got this pair to be special," recites Zuckowski. So it would be very good to ask, "How do they stand it? To be able to stay in the film light and not be able to take a step without I was always looking to think, how do you stand it? Unfortunately, that does not work unfortunately in the air unfortunately. "

Helene Fischer on a dream vessel?

Professionally, however, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen still want to work together. Indeed, this causes the question of whether Helene Fischer could not get his / her; board on newest captain Silbereisen.

A dream of a lot of fans, and maybe they should be more desirable. On research research DER WESTEN, spokesman ZDF, Anja Scherer, said: "Helene Fischer does not look like planning it right now." Where the word "currently" still leaves the room for consideration. (Göt)

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