Hit and run? The procurator fiscal wants to investigate the politician AfD-Armin-Paul Hampel

A car incident could result in a legal impact on the politician AFD Armin-Paul Hampel. The procurator fiscal is to investigate.

Stade's public prosecutor has stopped the defense of Afm's members of Armin's parliament Paul Hampel. The authority had sent a suitable request to the Bundestag administration, he said a spokesperson for the procurator fiscal. The Purpose of the attack was that Hampel had promised to escape in December 2018.

The politician, who has his constituency at the Lower Saxony, should have spoiled a car by Buchholz in Harburg's region with his car and then several times away t . With regard to the prosecution's office application they had made a first report to the NDR. Thus, it is about 2,000 euros.

Cars were very good in cars

Hampel refused the charges. "The whole thing is absurd," he said. It's not a question to be able to travel from an airplane. According to his clothes, he drove his car in December a few cars for car washing. In the middle of the washing process the system suddenly stopped working. "I went in and asked to restart the system."

When this was not possible, he'd returned his 9.50 euro, but he didn't get the money, Hampel said. He waited for about half an hour, then let him own the owner's address and went on. Damage to the system was not shown – but it had measured that it had stopped as it had a wrong car. The police had visited him due to the events the next day.

The complainant does not provide information

The procurator fiscal's address was not to provide information about the incident. "At this stage I can't say anything about the very same thing, we have to make a decision and make a legal assessment," he said. The Bundestag must agree to a safeguard of immunity.

Members convicted of suspicion of crime can only be obtained by leave of the Parliament. They enjoy protection according to Basic Law. At the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Parliament may recall it.

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