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HSV: Captain Aaron Hunt begins against Sandhausen from the bank – 2nd Bundesliga

I'm happy Aaron Hunt is good again. He has debris and killed. So his work against Sandhausen would not start cold. "

Hannes Wolf coach said (37). But he does not lose his player away. Hunt to sit down against Sandhausen first on her; bing!

The captain has played a strong season so far, as the team has done, recently made two wonderful tickets (Ingolstadt, Duisburg).

But shortly before leaving for a training camp in La Manga, The fascia wheel technician suffered his heel while he was in a while; training. The old Bremer stayed in Hamburg, just a few days ago and went to train the team.

Routine Hunt recognizes that his body is good, it would never give an unnecessary danger. "I lost about two weeks. I can understand it if I did not play from the beginning."

Wolf says, "We see how we do it. But we also need to be able to get good boys from the bank."

For the skipper captain, Tatsuya Ito (21) would then move to a new post in the # 39; headquarters. That is the last time Wolf declared.

The HSV Sandhausen first set up an easy and easy way of 3: 0. Welcome to the catastrophic errors of backbone Marcel Schuhen (26). Is the leader of the league an estimate of her & # 39; 15th

Wolf has to stop it. Coach: "I do not think Sandhausen is only there. Everyone in the hot team, the intense one is high. It's not just enough to take the challenged enough. "

But the fans do not accept the enemy in the normal amount. To date, only 34,500 sales have been sold. 177 of them at Sandhausen.

A record of poverty is at risk. Recently, on August 28, 2004 against Nuremberg (4: 3) there were only 36 587 spectators in Volks Park …

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