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Impact on misuse of Frankfurt's mental psychology

AHesse's state, Frankfurt the Main, and the hospital itself are affected by the mental ward in Frankfurt-Höchst. This was announced by the social minister Hesse Kai Klose (of the Lamb) and the other partners on Thursday after an emergency meeting in Wiesbaden.

Among other things, they named an external reviewer to monitor each step in order to improve the situation in the hospital's mentally closed ward. In the discussion it was agreed to Klose with the Frankfurt health department, Stefan Majer (Uainich) and the hospital manager, Dorothea Thirteenth, unconditional education and greater examination of the psychiatric processes.

Report by "Team Wallraff"

A hidden reporter on RTL program "Team Wallraff" reported on 18 March to patients who were restricted to bed, nurses and scarce patients of the patients. Afterwards, some elderly patients in various media waited in the closed room as well as naked and scratched on the floorboards. The Hessensians reported hundreds of letters that many of the bad practices revealed by the "Team Wallraff".

Klose, who took over the Ministry of Social Affairs a few weeks ago, said that his house had no complaints. However, after posting the allegations, he commissioned a commission to Höchst and will now be involved in the creation of other such commissions for psychiatric hospitals in Hesse. As staff are difficult they should be able to take action in the future unless only four of the seven members are nominated.

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