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Ingrid Steeger: a surprise in Munich! A "dangerous life" situation?

Ingrid Steeger is still in a clinic in Munich. It should be a "dangerous threat to life". A friend is now taking his mind.

Information from March 30, 10:50 am: A new message from Ingrid Steeger. So AZ reports, she is "a threat to life". She is still in her clinic, where she will be celebrating her 72th year on Monday.

The newspaper cites a close friend who is not named by name: "Ingrid isn't going to be in the clinic – but she also knows if she leaves the early clinic, that she dies. She really is so bad that she needs help, and she has to accept it now. "

Ingrid Steeger: Bad news – a colleague was irrelevant and is now worried.

Information from March 28, 5:51 pm: It should be a pleasant and enjoyable night: Ingrid Steeger (71) and his colleague in action Helmut Tix (48) he should have a Thursday night in a gentle bistro Roy read and speak. the heart of stories they had put the night over. Love of the poems from Goethe to Tucholsky, mixed with her own stories of the incredible life of Steeger. "Just like a dear couple"Tix told tz, they wanted to do it."

But Ingrid Steeger is still in Munich hospital after her accident. It seems like one day without thinking. "Indeed, I'm worried," said Tix. “But I hope we can engage in appropriate reading. Maybe at the end of April. "

When he went through the idea with Steeger in the middle of March, she had a "really good idea". It is not as bad as it is at the moment. She was also always trusting, "always with a star," said Tix. "Ingrid is honest, helpful and very well prepared," he says. Tix couldn't tell that she was drinking too much and forgetting her place. He is now in communication with Ingrids, Jutta's sister, who lives near Berlin. It is an older year than Ingrid. They had been planning a year ago.

Ingrid Steeger: Large version and new surprise – a friend recounts detail from accommodation

Update on March 28, 9:41 am: Ingrid Steeger's unusual turn! Although it appears that the 71-year-old girl is in a deep crisis of life, now there is at least a little hope. Like her best friend Terry Black to speak to photograph now appears to be the property management. Following the management of the building by Steeger to ridicule because of "an unhealthy and dangerous health situation", the 71-year-old could now live in her house. “The management of the building is very friendly. If the place is cleared quickly and completely, Ingrid may live inside, "explain Black in the interview."

But Ingrid Steeger herself doesn't care about improving her accommodation. That's why Terry Black is trying to save the 71-year-old human home. That's a tough job, as Black explains: "The whole floor has to go. The laminate is so dirty from the dog's dirt and you can't clean it. Also, a red lion Ingrids bed must go." in total we need 4,000 to 5,000 euros, I don't know who to pay for. '

Although Ingrid Steeger has a birthday on 1 April she also has to spend the day in hospital. “She must get good, or she will not live on her next day. Unfortunately, she is still unaware of her status as "Black."

Refreshment from 27 March, 10:24: She is still in hospital: Ingrid Steeger has been receiving medical care since Friday last. It's not possible to return to her home so her friend is close Terry Black to tz. "The building needs to be refurbished, as it cannot return"Black handed. Continuing with Danielle Waldleitner, he looks after his previous Klimbim star."

The old TV image was badly damaged for a number of months. She was unable to take care of herself, partly to drink excessive alcohol. Residents complained of Schwabing about their smell. On Friday, Steeger came to the ground on a street. Her friend took Danielle into hospital.

Ingrid Steeger in a clinic: Best friend hard – ex is repeating herself

Update from March 27, 12.38 f: Concern about Ingrid Steeger's relatives is still very good. Director Dieter Wedel, who was involved in the actor from 1988 to 1992, said photographthat he had phoned Steeger. "She's getting medical treatment at the moment, you don't have to be worried now."

However, Wedel is also bothering. "I was in Munich five weeks ago, so I can actually visit it," said the 77-year-old. 'Then you have different meetings and you don't have enough care – I'm telling that!

Ingrid Steeger in hospital: Emergency appeal from Terry Black

Terry Black, Steeger's close friend, will be appealing to the actress, who has refused to help so far. “It needs to take part, or that doesn't make any sense in the long run. "Black collects the cures of dog Terrier Yorkshire Eliza."

“I had a vaccine for her and treated the ear disease. When Ingrid is back on her feet, she gets Eliza back, "she promises Black, pointing out that this could be very fast." , later on Friday. "

Ingrid Steeger in hospital: "She doesn't need help" – best friend that needs absolutely

Munich – The nerves, alcoholic, the accident – when Ingrid Steeger (71, tz) hit Friday's disasters between her place and her regular cavalry, her friends attract her connection. Danielle Waldleitner brought up, took it. "to a secret place, where it will be givenAnd the tone said to him on Sunday. Even Ingrid's close friend, Terry Black, who are there. "She is in hospital"He is in a conversation with the tz."It requires emergency relief and psychological support."

Ingrid Steeger: I can hardly remember it in the post box

Over the last two years he has been looking hard on Ingrid Steeger. Including administrative procedures, completed in forms, taking on rent subsidy and health insurance. Terry has a general agent's power and he is open to post Ingrid. "These include 90 per cent unpaid"Complains Terry, some of the letters remain from 2016.

Video: Working with icon Ingrid Steeger "need help"

Is Ingrid Steeger happy for support?

As well as the actor (“ tI also clean it five times") – worse and worse. Especially:"Ingrid isn't going to help. She refuses. We have tried all that is in our power."

Terry hopes that Ingrid Steeger will get professional help. Until then, he is Eliza Doolitte, dog Steegers, whom the actor is most heavily associated with. "He is and is his dog Ingrid, I care for him until she is better."But his powers are limited. He has two children and two dogs, who live in Starnberg."In fact, Ingrid would have needed someone with her for 24 hours“In addition, there is a risk of repeat alcohol. "I don't know what to do next"He admits him.

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Ingrid Steeger: New offers would be good

Terry also has experience of the future events planned by Steeger, as a post at the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele. "She must return to her feet, as Ingrid is a very talented actress. If you text it, she can remember it in a few hours"Enthuses Terry, who is the producer and actor himself. T

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