iPhone and iPad: Ethernet and power through dongle

If you do not want to rely on WLAN for connecting to your iOS device network, you will need a comparatively hard if the iPhone or iPad is to be donated by power at the same time. The new dongle is now in Belkin to help this special target.

Twenty-two contracts

The Ethernet and the power adapter by Lightning foxer will run a new version of iOS without a specific software (from 10.3.3) and will have two ports on a Lightning connection: an electronic power vessel and an Ethernet port with a & # 39; Maximum portion of 480 megabits per second. If you do not want to use additional power supply, you can benefit from another feature: iOS devices can be driven by the Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter. This is capable of up to 12 watts, so it's enough for the iPad.

The Ethernet and the power adapter with Lightning connections are set out in Apple's "Made for iPhone" / "Made for iPad" program framework and is expected, among other things, to be used at the time of sale (PoS). It is also likely to be used for the power and network of an iPad, which should be a HomeKit control unit and for the wireless enough to trust.

Enter, run

It has 54 grams in shape, with 53.8 mm with 144 mm with 21.5 mm but also is not very hard, largely due to Ethernet shift. Currently, Belkin does not offer any other hardship for the launch of the adapter – it's just plugged into the iOS device through the connected electronic signal, Ethernet and Lightning attached for its power supply, and it has been done.

There is no PoE difference currently available from Belkin. The Ethernet and power adapter will be sold by Lightning fox for 100 yards and should be available in the Apple store in the future; Belkin distribution channels will continue later. An app has been used for firmware updates. Redpark has a hard-selling competitors – there's also a PoE solution.


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