It's not just antibiotics but every fourth drug destroys pious plants

Other harmful effects detected by all fourth drops

Antibiotics are known to kill bacteria that fight both bacteria are harmful and harmful. Recent research has shown that more than one of the four drugs affects naturally occurring bacteria in the human gut. The unfamiliar health impact of this long term health problem can also be long-term and also contribute to the development of antibiotic prevention without antibiotics.

A European research team from European Biological Laboratory has discovered a previously unknown side effect of more than a quarter of more than 1,000 drugs checked. According to the survey, all fourth drugs have a negative impact on up to 40 different bacterium species, vital to the bilingual (microbiome) flora. This effect is not yet known. Researchers believe there is likely to be a long-term adverse effect on health. The results of the survey were published in the recent "Nature" magazine.

A very large current study found that there was an unknown effect within each fourth drug. Apparently, many more drugs are affecting our gut flowers than we have previously thought. The effect on health is still not known. (Image copyright: Andreas Schindl /

Spinal plants play an important role in health research

Studies over the last ten years have been telling the importance of the concept of an imaginary microbial for general health. Antibiotic drugs have long been reported to have caused a lot of damage to the bowel plants. This level is also the case in many non-antibiotics, however.

This is just the top of the iceberg

His current nature survey tells of the first time around one in four of antibiotic drugs controls the growth of different bacteria. These tragic effects were found in the drugs of each healing class. "How many different drugs have a bearing on the fat microbes, it was very surprising," said the group's leader Peer Bork in a press release about the results of the survey. Bork believes that this remains is only for the top of an iceberg. The data from the survey suggests that the correct number of drugs with this side effect are even greater.

Impact on side with unknown results

“We still haven't known how most of these drugs work on the microbes, how these effects are often revealed in the population and how this affects them, for example. T patient health, "said Kiran Patil." This relationship needs to be investigated quickly to improve the understanding and effectiveness of drugs.

An antibiotic barrier without antibiotics

As well as the possible health risks that may arise, the cannon insects could be affected by the development of antibiotic prevention without the use of antibiotics. The researchers explain that this is about common strategies that work against antibiotics and other drugs. “It's very scary, considering that people treat all their lives, often over a long period,” explains Nassos Typas from the inspection team.

In the field of slender germs it is not yet understood

“Thankfully, not all antibiotics affect colonial bacteria and not all birds have yet to spread,” said Typas. Interestingly, this may cause some symptoms. combating some antibiotics of some antibiotics and opening up new drug mixing opportunities.

Everyone has different flowers

"Everybody is different in the shape of the microbiome, so it could be explained why different drugs have different effects on the same drugs," said Georg Zeller from the research team. In addition to some of our more widespread species of larch, some people have been practicing completely different bacteria within the microbiome, the expert said. This speaks for personal treatment that is made specifically for the patient's different microbial. More information about the thin plants can be found in the article: Containing slender flowers: That's how it works!

Our heart has a great effect on our health

The adverse impacts of the insects of killer whales are still being explored in a wide range of research. Increasingly, the microbes of the wind have a big effect on our overall health. For example, the privacy is at the heart of a healthy heart. This has recently been discovered by another research team from the University of Colorado Boulder. The researchers showed that changes to the womb can affect the heart's health with age. (G)

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