Jens Spahn expresses a great deal of tweet cancer prevention

Updated on 05 February 2019, 14:34

Jens Spahn's Federal Health Minister laments a wave of deceit. It's a tweet in the 38-year-old event at World Day. Spahn provides advice to people on how to show cancer. But that is not so easy, with that report affected.

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Cancer is the second largest cause of death in Germany after the infections of the guardian system. According to the Statistical Office of the Force, 230,725 Germans were admitted to cancer in 2016. This represented over 25% of the total number of annual deaths.

The cancer resistance has been going on for decades. Just as long as there are – politicians who have a & # 39; Most of them were very hopeful when this fight was given. Finally of Jens Spahn.

Two cancer thweets revenge

The Public Health Minister received a great deal of fine for the tweet he had responded on 1 February. Three days after that, Spahn continued on his case.

This time, the 38-year-old once again gave people advice on Twitter on how to wait for them not to have cancer.

Against the wavelengths of concern; then, one stock could be taken: good meaning, bad idea.

After all, severe adverse diseases of disease lie in complexity and look like complications with dizziness.

The same applies to the causes that cancer can improve and its; continue to bring science forward.

The replica on Spahn's tweet is huge. Over 1,300 Twitter users responded to Spahn's tweet to answer by Tuesday only.

Unfortunately, they commented on their own situation, their relatives or relatives.

Health affects people

Health is the tallest man. The debate can not be done about unwanted prevention and remedies.

This User indicates that Jens Spahn's advice would be a appear in a different light, if there is no doubt of Minister's knowledge.

But this is saying that Werner Bartens has already written in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on her; Spahn's first recital about the problem of illness: "Instead of being a grandfather, well-respected the appropriate way to face the challenges of cancer medication would almost learn desires and respect. "

Jens Spahn, according to the reporter, continues to "political tradition" with "unnecessary statements for cancer treatment".

Researchers and physicians continue to broadcast messages to politicians about how to prevent them from leaving them and their clients. fight the different types of cancer. No people who affect cancer.

Germany wants to promote cancer research and strengthen its barriers.

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