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"Just as different" in ten years, according to Sony

If he goes to Sony Shawn Layden manager, Playstation VR will remain long for a long time. He wants more tolerance with VR technology.

Sony has been selling four million Playstation VG goggles since marketing was killed in 2016. The final style officially confirmed has become three million units since the summer of 2018.

Despite this, Sony seems to have a & # 39; Long-term design with Playstation VR: in a video game interview, Sony's director, Shawn Layden, chairman of global developers' leaders, emphasizes the role of the VR ahead of his career; his company. Playstation VR is the beginning of new technology.

"I think we are the largest VR platform in the world. We learned a lot in the process," said Layden.

There is some patience, if so

Layden criticizes a harsh range of people who ask for success too soon that day.

It will comparing Nokia's first cell phones: A & # 39; Looking back, he can not get this from the smartphones today.

Like Playstation VR: "If we look at PSVR today, we can not think what VR looks like in ten years, but the difference is amazing," said Layden. You will not get 5.0 to 1.0 technology.

One smaller cable

For Playstation VR, Sony took comfort and easy use from the beginning. He admits: "We may probably reduce the number of the cabins. I admit that."

Layden's highly recommended advocacy and VR player "Astro Bot" from Layden has been highly praised: "Astro Bot can not be played on TV. It is necessary to play in a VR and that's a # 39 , first step. "

For content that works directly in VR, according to Layden, which shows the right way for new technology. Sony sees the benefit of other non-profit retailers; Get involved in VR games and need to build on their lessons later.

"If you let the technology loop go too late without being in your own, you do not retrieve it again," a & # 39; Layden believes.

At the same time, the VR spin-off for Breaking Bad, which was announced in 2017, is still being developed, according to Layden. It is awarded with Sony Pictures.

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