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Liberty: A group of Unitymedia groups may be selling in Switzerland

Sunrise, the Swiss network operator, is in advanced lectures to buy UPC, a Liberty Global cable television subsidiary in the country. Tell the British Financial Times from an informed circle. To date it is accepted that Liberty Global will have a " Buy Sunrise's competitors in confirmation; long ago of the business. The German Freenet is the largest share in Sunrise, a mobile and based network user.

Job and market

  1. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Köln
  2. Dortmund Energy and Water Supply GmbH DEW21, Dortmund

UPC is the largest largest cable network operator in Switzerland, it does not have its own mobile network and purchases this service as MVNO (Fonts Network Fonts Jobs) from others. In January 2018, UPC stated that it was moving from Salt to Swisscom.

Liberty Global, under the control of the Billionaire of Scotland John Malone and led by Mike Fries, is increasingly splitting his European network staff: In December 2017, Liberty Global soldier's UPC cabinet operator to Deutsche Telekom for € 1.9 billion. In May 2018, Vodafone had agreed with Liberty Global to take over their cable networks in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romans for a price of 18.4 billion euros. The unification remains subject to agreement from the relevant relevant authorities, the EU Commission and the Federal Charter Office.

The Dutch cable industry was combined with the Vodafone mobile business to create VodafoneZiggo. Vodafone billions of euros paid for the SA car company, and provided a mobile network in the partnership. VodafoneZiggo is a mobile phone and television network operator and therefore has great conditions for 5G expansion.

Liberty has a high debt

It was not clear when the movement was published publicly, and one person involved in the warning talks, according to the Financial Times, indicated that negotiations could still be completed without a step. Sunrise and UPC have already made a conversation about unifying in the past, but the conversations have failed. Liberty Global has a big debt. According to the S & P Global rating company, the debt burden is 5.8 times higher than the annual output by special features in 2018.

Sunrise wants to replace copper technology in the last mile with a 5G Base Wireless Tour. "We will place the majority of ADSL and VDSL products with 5G as soon as Huawei technology is available"Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee said on November 20 2018 in London at MBBF 2018 at Huawei.

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