Lidl: Sweeping away with gift advertising

Neckarsulm –

Lidl's public relations have looked very good in the last few weeks.

As a leading partner of the German national military team, his company was in the & # 39; Everyday business – and more advanced, the team through their great performances was central to the Germans.

In the second one: France will capture WM Bronze software; Germany (read here)

Was it an euphoria, how successful & # 39; was it? We do not know.

But the fact is, however, that the social media team of lesions has decreased by an advertisement for its bakte bakte material far out of the window.

And not just that: the reagents on the water-water (consistent) allow one tone to be identified in Lidl, which just suffered too big and unhappy.

Case has been sent by a & # 39; the company decided to delete the job and to complain in an individual contribution for its & # 39; process, at least from vision, even after that.

The complaint: Lidl is uncertain, uncertain, unhappy and anything but funny. Many users just delete them.

Lidl mentions advertising with "Loch Lough"

The reason: Notice for wheels and pockets.

The picture was very simple on Lidl's official Facebook account. You can see a cake and a bagel, side by side on a white background. About just a sentence from three words: "hole and hole".

Everyone knows the hidden message behind him – and they have nothing to do with baking goods: the main thing is to do & # 39; get sex, regardless of the woman.

Lidl seems to have a funny search, it is not so popular with many users of anger and real insight.

"& # 39; Toll an toll & # 39 ;? -Rìribh? Wow, when there are many requests for advertising … What did you think, or better, did you even think ? "How one user will use? writing.

Another man is sad: "Oh Lidl, too bad you need something to draw attention. Mischief and compulsion simply sing to go? Unfortunately, it seems that You have not learned anything from #MeToo. "

Users want Lidl boicott

Others even want a flame to boycott. As this recital: "It's very seizure. Do you want to quit your customers? If I do not buy from you, then I stopped doing that nowadays . "

Competition for Aldi, Lidl & Co.? Look at: the cheapestness of the Russian mere activists really (read here)

Instead of just pulling fast, the Lidl team does not appear to be damaged by many touring.

At the beginning of War, Lidl will be Submit a memo to show twins to & # 39; Go to a movie theater with popcorn and cooca. In addition to the letter: "Did the ideas already start?"

At the same time, users who identify the stylish scenery are marked by equal gifs, such as men who are in a position; Fist-bumps or throwing quilts.

Lidl complains for gift advertising

At any time it was obvious that there was too much and Lidl had to change a course thereafter. The job was deleted and an apology was published.

That's the right step. However, most users do not find it reluctant.

"Do not let out if it was not an account," someone is going to; behaviors.

Another man writes, "How convincing it is, if your social media team was already looking forward to the Shitstorm and broken by salacious gifs ( shooting guys) in the underground creature form? "


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