Motor car manufacturers are offering a huge discount on new diesel cars

The harbor operators provide high discounts on diesel vehicles. © dpa

The registration figures for diesel vehicles are rising again. This is especially because manufacturers provide high diesel discounts.

In particular, VW sellers provide their customers with extra discounts when they send a complementary diesel model, writing the Ferdinand Dudenhöffer car specialist in the March issue of its regular mitigation check-up. .

For example, on the relevant internet ports, Golf Variation was lit in the diesel version by a discount of 28.8 per cent on the price of its list, and a comparative gasoline engine is only 14.7 per cent cheaper than the list. The same applies to VW Tiguan, and at the end gives the amount of BMW 3 a row is offered in both types of engine with around 25% of price reductions.

Exchange priorities related to diesel

Many manufacturers have been involved in breaking or exchanging prices for the purchase of a new diesel car. However, these offerings suffered from the low numbers of upgraded diesel that has been converted and so the survey. T

In general, Dudenhöffer continues to see the discount rate on the German car market as high. While the number of specific offers below is slightly down, at the same time the customer benefit offered has broadly gone up to 16.3%. The proportion of retailers and authorized producers decreased by 1.5 points to 29.2%. These cars are from self-recordings, as they are known to be traded at “less obvious house prices”. (AP)

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