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National Team: Joshua Kimmich, Marco New leaders

Leon Goretzka has been useful for the national team for a few days. He had a goal to do 1-1 against Serbia on Wednesday. Who knows what debate would have taken place in Germany before the first tournament in a European competition against the Netherlands on Sunday (20.45 clock / TV: RTL, live SPIEGEL ONLINE clock), Joachim Loew's coach lost t and eleven renewed this game.

Goretzka, on the other hand, has been able to position itself with wise words against the unpopular host of the Wolfsburger Tribune against two other players. This is rare in the German Football Association (DFB).

And then the man spent 24 years explaining the term that can be used more and more at the time of the EURO 2020 time: Chiefs. “You can only be absolutely right in front of the team if your own performance isn't on the right track,” Goretzka said.

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After 1: 1 against Serbia:
The DFB-EF in the individual survey

When Löw decided not to make Mats Hummels, Jérôme Boateng and Thomas Müller, the national coach did not just recognize the characteristics of the players, who no longer meet its highest needs. Löw also wanted to change behavior that had grown over the years.

You have to think of a team like a house. Statistics are provided by a sustainable level. But since the national team collapsed after the collapse of the World Cup, after thousands of Loew's problems have hardly tried to destroy almost everything and rebuild – t with new structural engineers.

"We need a new rating in the language and we are in the process of identity," said Löw Saturday in Amsterdam.

Kimmich and Reus are among the greatest players

People entering Löw's new Tonangeber still need to improve. This requires more than one game. But you can see who is suitable for him.

Goretzka would be the candidate. However, its own interpretation of the mid-player does not have any explanation: it needs to demonstrate good coverage of the national team on a sustainable basis. Munich could not yet do, as Loew had so far been reporting on. So Goretzka said: "I am still on the way to being a director."

Two players have two players who have very different football and personal qualities, but yet they will be the future senior staff: Joshua Kimmich and Marco Reus.

Kimmich has recently understood that he is getting old. "I get nearly 40," said the protective defender, meaning his DF job. The man will play 24-year-old 40th international game against the Netherlands. It is behind Toni Kroos (91) and Manuel Neuer (85), the longest serving player in the current national team. The number listed here is number Reus (38).

Marco Reus (r.) Is it to take more regulatory action in the national coach team Joachim Loew (l.)

Peter Steffen / DPA

Marco Reus (r.) Is it to take more regulatory action in the national coach team Joachim Loew (l.)

The other two members of the five-person team council, called Hummels, Boateng and Müller, are also Kroos and Neuer. And now, the two most important operations for Löw are.

Toni Kroos is not ready to debate with Löw

However, if the definition of Goretzka has been activated, then Kroos and Neuer might seem to be having trouble with time. Kroos will be performing in weak Real Madrid and is criticized in Spain for his languid style. Or just isn't the first number of Löw without challenge. Marc-André ter Stegen was given a fair promise.

But Kroos does not ask Loew: "Toni is a tremendous benefit to a team – with its ability to lead a game and that is why it is absolutely essential," said Löw.

In this context, Kimmich and Reus are currently moving forward to senior managers in the national team. Reus does this especially on the courtyard, where it works much busier than the steep journey. Kimmich can play both areas as well.

Toni Kroos is still unique for Löw's national coach

Switch gatekeeper / DPA

Toni Kroos is still unique for Löw's national coach

“I don't see me as a future captain, but I know many of the young players at the U level and have come to a stage where I can view the big photo. It's my own job, 'said Kimmich. Löw is correctly ordered back into the area of ​​defense where Munich is having more influence on the game and his colleagues. He threw himself into every fight against Serbia. And even after the game, he didn't leave the battlefield: "I want to win the last," said Kimmich. That's the sound of a speaker.

Reus gives him more points

What is the value of Marco Reus for this young squad against half Serbia. After the installation, the last youth team seemed to be a leader. Suddenly the attack came into contact. Suddenly the goal was also sent, where DFB Elf had previously played in the wild.

“I am now at an age when I take over leadership roles in a club,” said Reus. Even by Borussia Dortmund you are feeling that the authority is lost when the 29-year-old is lost. Do Low, Reus, who has injured many games and injured some competitions, could be a top player when he takes rebellion again. It is not public speaking, but Bastian Schweinsteiger has done the same. And he was still a chief.

Joachim Löw made defending application for the release of Hummels, Boateng and Müller in the final race, the 59-year-old said in the end also that important attention was ignorant: not to mention either. more is even shown as a national player and I want to be a director. "It was a call to create a new hierarchy.

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