New Success: Why does every third person take a bomb this time

A rich new disease is spread in the & # 39; Germany: the metabolic syndrome. What's just behind and what's the promoters?

Every third in Germany should already be suffering from the metabolic syndrome. They may not know many of them. But what's just behind the new new disease?

What is a metabolic syndrome?

a & # 39; metabolic syndromealso known as "Insulin against syndrome"Known, it's a very dangerous and widespread way, as the Federal Society of German cookers in a press release and writing.

The syndrome tells combination of four health conditionsthis is the result of our new way of life: Root, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood lipid levels, These welcome such sequelae Sugar, gout, stroke, heart attacks and dizziness or respiratory disorders, "Certainly, the metabolic syndrome is still the moment," explains Dr. Eric Martin at his pharmacy, international advanced training conference of the German Medical Association.

That is why the metabolic syndrome should not be largely considered

It is not overweight just a fragile problem Martin is continuing. "Especially with a banner spread of the type of author & author local stream, The artificial device creates fragile messengers, which is & # 39; adversely affects its entire body. "The incidence of the insulin can trigger the incidence of epidemic obesity, which can be stimulated by the metabolic syndrome.

That is, it is disturbing the body's own insulin impactSo the group is trying to compensate for this deficit by going to # 39; make even more insulin. In this way, however, it is not possible to stop the start of diabetes but it is not stopped. At the same time it would be the result of overlapping the insulin Heavy growth, disorders of lipid metabolism and arteriosclerosis been favorable. "This earlier stay is blocked, the harmful effects of health can be avoided," said the expert.

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Metabolic Syndrome: How do you block your dangerous spread?

Because the metabolic syndrome is the result of unhealthy lifestyles, the best antidote is one healthy diet, great fun and weight reduction, It also does not help to & # 39; to ensure that these shortcomings by drugs: "It is often easier to capture the drug – but it does not work against individual sides of the syndrome." Here, many of them are Education work for doctors and drugs still, "Martin.

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