One (46) gets informed about completion – when the employment office names, it's strange

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A 46-year-old man will be released after eleven years. But when the employment office is offering it, he can not believe his eyes.

Daniel Linke for eleven years worked for the Webasto webmaster provider in Hengersberg (Deggendorf area). But on 31 December 2018, the 46-year-old was completed due to his company – there was little work, he said. Customers' projects would be replaced and the product will be transferred to Slovia, according to its company. According to the advice of the work, 54 other employees have an impact on work cuts, and by 2020 the number will rise to 160.

Employee should end up as a temporary employee – for lower salaries

But then the accident came: After finishing The employment office gave him an old job – as a cheaper worker! "I should almost replace myself, but for lower salaries," Linke tells Passauer Neue Presse (PNP) to chop him on his head. This is a "big thing", says Heinz Hausner of IG Metall, who fears the company's activities.

"Harassment", "rude": job advice is damaged by action

The Webasto jobs council can only account for the employer's conduct "Impudence" cited. "It's a problem when its first layoffs are announced from September onwards and their company's administration already deals with the job council in January, up to 38 temporary workers Job advice is named by PNP. "You should be able to reconsider the period from September to January."

Webasto rejects allegations

Webasto, at the same time, denies the allegations that want to terminate employees who do not need through lower paid temporary employment agencies: "That would not go opposing our sense of responsibility as an employer and corporate values, but it would not be formally possible, "said a spokesperson of our editor,

But how did the proposals unfortunately come from the workplace? Due to short-term increase, Webasto also requested support through temporary employment agencies at the beginning of the year. The company did not know that one of those companies was in a position; Submit a tender to a previous employee through the employment group. "A contract between the temporary employment agency and the former colleague on lesser terms would not arise due to legal governance and our social plan"so a company.

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A Geschasster worker receives a new offer from the company

On the way, Daniel Linke refused the job offer as a temporary worker. However, after the unfortunately, Webasto has responded and given to it (as well as all other employees that have been completed) one temporary employment offered. As the company says, Linke has accepted the & # 39; This offer is now starting a new start in its previous work from March 1 – to the salary paid; before.

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