Out for German TV channels: Summer comes out – impacts for RTL

Farewell after 30 years: Ingolstadt's regional station has a broadcast stop stop.

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Television TVs have a huge impact on a German TV station. This will be retired after three decades. This affects RTL.

Munich – In the summer the head for the Ingolstadt regional station – after three decades. Most shareholders decided not to apply to the Bavarian State Center for the New Media (BLM) for expanding its & # 39; broadcasting license for another eight years.

Therefore, there is no economic expectancy now in regional, regional television. So the change to TV behavior will be by using more media libraries like that; fee.

Program to be broadcast by end of June

Depending on the invitation, it should be ensured that "smooth transfer to a new licensee". Although the license came to an end at the end of last year, it is expected that the program will continue until the end of June. The BLM may have a decision in & # 39; first season about making the new license, it is & # 39; accept the bids already.

Entrance conditions also affect the RTL program. There on weekdays from 18 to 18.30 a cable troop, several regional stations sent their news program. This slot also gives a description to the person who is> follow.

Every day 40,000 TV spectators according to channel information

In addition to Ingolstadt, it also provides the areas of Eichstätt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Pfaffenhofen, Neumarkt, Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen and Roth with regional news. According to a broadcaster, 40,000 viewers are converted each day, and # 39; means that the range is 300,000.

It employs 20 permanent employees and a group of non-related journalists who have notified the decision at the end of January. Said director of Johannes Schreiner Neuburger RundschauAll staff will be completed. Even though the time they are going to go to # 39; threatening, the broadcasting work should be maintained for a few months.

Exotic plants in other places

At the same time, another television station has launched unplanned plans. In the spring, Sonnenklar.TV wants to launch the live day soap "Famous in the Holiday Paradise", where spectators can take part in the beautiful tours of celebrities.

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