PayPal, driver, car and Aldi: that's changing in Germany today

Plastic packaging can keep oxygen, moisture, light, use fruit from vegetables and vegetables. Especially the cucumber lasts longer. On average, it lasts three days longer than an unpackaged man. Despite the good effects, Aldi is now the transport to stop the plastic film from appearing now.

For other types of fruit and vegetables Aldi wants to pass the environmentally damaging packaging. Kaufland took a similar step a few months ago. Aldi's market leadership could now help to make sure there is no more plastic fruit and vegetables in the industry.

Lidl wiederum competitor starts in April with the sale of a recycled bag that can be re-used at the fruit and vegetables competition. By summer 2019, it will have all the 3200 meters equipped. Two networks that can be used re-used are 49 cents.

Rewe regularly gathered positive experiences from the reusable recycling activities. The supermarket sells the two packs for € 1.49.

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