Pension debate: A famous television actress threatens poverty in old age

Hubertus Heil (SPD) pension continuity continues to & # 39; giving talks throughout Germany. A athlete now tells of her problems.

  • The Socialist Minister, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants a basic pension without a trial like that.
  • Up to four million earners with income should be much more money available.
  • The costs are likely to be in line with SPD figures at four to 6.5 billion euros per annum.
  • The Union will criticize her & # 39; Estimated cost is too high and running out of the & # 39; the middle course.
  • The Greens support the initiative, but their criticize the money. According to FDP, the concept is unfair.
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    10.13 clock: It's amazingly clear! A clear majority of the Germans support their including a basic pension for low salaries with at least 35-year-old contribution as SPD offers. In a ZDF "Politbarometer" survey, 61% of respondents responded to such an increase in the pension determined by appraisals, with just over the third (34 per cent) against. Above, SPD supporters (74 per cent), Greens (72 per cent), to the left (70 per cent), but also the AfD (59 per cent) for that, and confirmation of the Mannheim group elections. So Union supporters are on the sector, most of the FDP supporters (58 per cent) face.

    9.13: The Minister of Federalist Party, Hubert Heil (SPD) has defended SPD plans to reform the credit union's state of affairs, just about being able to do so; describes the Social Democrats. "We do not do it on our behalf, not the end in SPD itself," said Heil on Friday in the ARD "Morgenmagazin". It is about justice and "correct answers".

    Heil said the SPD is "closed" behind its concept of land rent. He is respected for life-long performance. Heil had awarded a model for a basic pension, which provides for the implementation of a tax financing up to 447 euros per month for the pension. The Union will criticize the expected expenditure of four to 6.5 billion euros a year too high.

    The SPD also wants a decision on Sunday and Monday at a board meeting to try to reform the welfare state. The content that has been recognized in the review aims to allow a citizen contribution to the place of Hartz IV, a longer unemployment benefit and a basic child protection scheme.

    Heils' basic pension is preparing for debate – Sass actress admits bitter facts

    6:42: The Grundrenten concept of Hubertus Heil's social minister is preparing for heat talks, even beyond the policy. The goal behind, to avoid poverty in old age. "Usedom" – actor Katrin Sass has honestly talked about this topic: opposite picture She said she would just get a pension just under 800 euros: "I can not live on that. Unfortunately, I have not done the right choice for myself in the past," said the 62-year-old. In addition to her love for her work, that is one of the reasons why she can not retire for a long time, depending on the report.

    And more: "I have not spent much on clothes or jewelery, I do not have a designer gown in my closet," she said. "It's not really important for me, to break down myself."

    Any other reason to deal with a clear pension concept, so that something (more) of people in old age can come to an end.

    These are the news about the basic pension from Thursday

    9.07 clock: CEO Juso Kevin Kühnert has defended SPD plans for welfare state reform. This is spread to & # 39; party "from lead debate" in recent years, Kühnert said in the ARD "Morgenmagazin". It's about people with little income. The money also flows directly into spending.

    The SPD wants to give more unemployment benefits to people over 50 years. If you are 58, you will get a LEG For 33 months instead of the current 24 months. The plans of the SPD, Andrea Nahles, also plans to dispose of Hartz IV and replace "citizen" money. Socialist Hubertus Heil (SPD) also wants a long-term basic pension.

    Olaf Scholz (SPD) Finance Minister, however, expects to be significantly smaller; money to be distributed. According to a media report, it has already warned the other service that it is expected that there will be almost 25 billion euros less than 2023.

    6:00 m: The Labor Party Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has banned the Union for its basic pension proposals. "So I implement the objectives of a basic pensioner that is very acute in partnership: recognizing the performance of life and the prevention of poverty in old age," said Heil of the "Rheinische Post" (Thursday). Someone who has done something for decades, should be & # 39; receives a much more pension than someone who did not work, Heil said the "Rheinische Post" (Thursday). "So no test should be there. After all, not about alms, but about life performance."

    In finance, the Labor Minister said: "My goal is to fund their basic pension from tax income. I know that it will be a real strength, but He recognizes that the performance of a valuable life is to the whole society. "As soon as his house has drafted a referendum, talks will begin with the Union, Heil.

    Update from 6 February 2019, 6:38 pm: After criticizing his basic pension example by Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary, he again met the FDP chief executive, Christian Lindner. Through Twitter, he responded to the SPD: "The SPD does not like it, if one appears to have the right to spend in the water – the Grundrente can be praised", so Lindner. Lindner continued: "The face of age-old poverty, you have to deal with target-based targets and always related to very fun applications." Therefore, Lindner's basic pension is the best choice.

    Example Whimsical Grundrenten from Lindner to ensure that the head is bankruptcy

    Updated from February 6, 2019, 15:20: In the debate on the basic pension plans of the FDP Minister, Hubertus Heil (SPD), Christian Lindner has made a leader. "The person with a small pension, but a spouse with a high pension … No small pension, and he got five million horrible, Mr Heil did not have an extra benefit," Lindner said the German wave. Anyone who has a small pension, without mutual support and without fortune, "basic security is more comfortable as a social benefit," said Lindner.

    Christian Lindner of the FDP has praised Heils Grundrenten to call him unparalleled.


    On Twitter and especially at the SPD Lindner, he got his case with his & # 39; This is the worst case. SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil, remarkably said: "It has been a small pension and 5 million. One of the most common cases in my homework … #kofftisch ", he made a tweet.

    The FDP director, Christian Lindner, praises a "basic pension"

    On Wednesday, Lindner again gave a FDP recommendation to play a "basic pension". Those who receive small pensions also receive benefits from the basic security. The FDP wants to give one fifth of the statutory pension entitlements – which means that people who work, and # 39; raising children or caring for relatives better than people who have never worked out.

    Vice-Chancellor Scholz supporting Heils' pension plans

    17.01 clock: Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz stands unrestrictedly by Social Minister's plans, Hubertus Heil (both SPDs) to introduce a basic pension. "Germany is a very economically economical country with the increase in tax revenue," said the Finance Minister of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" (Wednesday editions). "We can solve the challenges that face us, including dealing with old age poverty effectively."

    Scholz's party co-opted against defending a consortium in defense. "Hubertus Heil has considered this well and my support," said the Finance Minister. The bundle tax income did not do as it did before. However, the basic pension should be ahead of other projects that may be federalized by a federal budget.

    Lindner's basic pension: "There is no opportunity" – and it's a # 39; shows an amazing example

    16.01 clock: Even with the FDP and the beautiful leader, Christian Lindner, praised for a basic pension Federal Labor Minister It will not be fertile ground. Lindner said that the concept was illegal and defined in the ARD "Morgenmagazin" for example why:

    In addition, Lindner warned the anti-irregularity: "Our pension must be based on the objective criteria, that is: the length of the offer, the amount of donations, a pension interest "

    3:39 f: The Grundrente is to save more money in the money saved by old people's pensions. There are four counting examples that confirm: It is not always a & # 39; affecting the right people. Spiegel Online has outlined the concept of the Labor Federal Labor Minister based on four real examples. And found: many poor pensioners are still empty. Unemployment or family time may be given less than 35 years of installments. However, a grant for a basic pension would be 35 years. A detailed version including examples can be read here.

    12:53: The Labor Minister's Grundrenten plans, Hubertus Heil (SPD), will meet the CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, on a large dispute. The intention of the Ministry of Public Works continues to be far beyond the agreement of the agreement of & # 39; partnership, criticized Kramp-Karrenbauer in a video message on Twitter. In addition, she criticized the lack of a funding idea.

    Accordingly, the CDU leader stated his case on the agenda of the next joint committee on 13 February: "We expect the Labor Ministry to say that it is expensive The basic pension should be, and that the Finance Finance Ministry explains how this is to be funded. "

    After a closed CDU steering session for three weeks, Kramp-Karrenbauer had made a strong case for the rapid introduction of a land month.

    "More honor", "less AfD"? Gabriel is happy about rent – and he will give him Nahles one

    09:35 clock: Sigmar Gabriel – finally in the conversation in exchange for the director of SPD Andrea Nahles – has welcomed her & # 39; Central Labor Hub Hubertus Heil (SPD) is a central pension advocacy. "More of this type of policy brings less AFD," said Gabriel in a newspaper interview with the German editorial network.

    Gabriel said this was something fundamental: the focus was on value and work respect. The name "health", chosen by Heil, is hitting her & # 39; smoke, according to Gabriel. The pension needs to be honored to the society for long-term work.

    Sigmar Gabriel (SPD).

    © dpa / Axel Heimken

    Again, Gabriel showed this speed to the SPD leader, and Andrea Nahles recognizes. The Grundrente project was in the final legislative period of the Union "delay and talk" – "personally, with active help from the Ministry of Socialism at the SPD then," said Gabriel in an interview with the RND.

    For a long time, preaching "the purest teaching" was based on the level of pension calculated by income during work life. The Scottish Executive Minister of Nahles was then at that time, according to Gabriel, the "correction argument" was given. The low pay department and in particular in a long time the East Germany of unemployment has led many victims of any offense in poverty.

    08.40 clock: In the debate on the recommendation of the Minister of Federal Political Hubertus Heil to his / her; A basic pension, the RCDS Unit led by the Union has severely criticized the SPD politician. "It's not surprising that young people are laughed with confidence and interest in politics through such proposals," said RCDS chairman, Henrik Wärner, to the AFP Tuesday afternoon.

    "The pension should not be a SPD campaign gift behind the young people, but it needs to be based on a longer concept," said Warner. Instead of translating for intergenerational justice, Heil seems to only think about the next election. "In this way, a genitive contract does not benefit but one generation."

    "Basic pension for wealthy estates"? Zoff for health attack – Union and FDP

    06.35 clock: The planned land rent could be a testament for many bills of inflammation of cheaper disease. As the "Bild" newspaper (Tuesday) refers to the numbers of the German pension insurance report, according to the concept of a " Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) would have up to four million people entitled to their basic pension, the cost would be around five billion euros per annum, Heil plans for millions of low wages to get higher pensions Automatically after a long life.

    If the beneficiaries were limited by means tested, only 130,000 basic pensioners would be allowed, according to the "Bild" report. The costs in this case would be around 200 million euros, which would be 4.8 billion euros less than a year. Heil plans clearly indicate that such an investigation will be given, although it is based in the # 39; partnership.

    From Union there is a sharp complaint on its concept. She warns that many staff who do not need support, such as a good pension or other income, will be beneficial. The CDU is seen as a result of a billion dollar in the federal budget of the Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the duty: "There must be a coffin," said the UCU budgetary Eckhardt Rehberg "Passauer Neue Presse ". "We need to talk about what's going to be financially and what's not."

    The "Bild" newspaper describes information that the Scottish Government has written; provided, depending on which 57 per cent of the courses appointed are in addition to their statutory pension; Receiving an additional, average income of 1175 euros. Every third part of pensioners and every single quarter is interested in income, and each rent is also rented by income

    "Heils Grundrente should be running to wealthy estates," said FDP pension expert Johannes Vogel. "This is unbalanced, with no measure and location and the cause to tackle poverty in old age."

    Section in GroKo due to "respect pension"? Foreword not approved by Merkel – News from 4 February

    19:03: The central pension of the Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) is his / her recommendation; the growing issue of conflict for its great consortium is becoming increasingly. Is the subject to GroKo division? The head of SPD Andrea Nahles declared the Union in the editorial network of the German publishing network (RND / Tuesday costs) to examine the Heils direct recommendation. Previously, there was a clear criticism from the Union. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants clarity on its funding.

    "I can only encourage everyone to explore Hubertus Heil's good ideas," said Nahles. "We need to appreciate and realize the achievement of a valuable life, even for those who have been working for a small salary for a long time, raised children or relatives," stressed the head of the SPD. "This affects women, who are now benefiting from the basic pension."

    Hubertus Heil (r.) Was not considered by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    © ADD / sdm

    The model Heil is delivering on the weekend is a & # 39; Taxation up to € 447 per month on pension for low income earners. There are essential pre-facilities in 35 year grants.

    Union budget spokesman in Bundestag, Eckhardt Rehberg (CDU) said that the "Bild" newspaper, "tax increase and new debts" should be in place for his & her; basic pension.

    Reinhold Hilbers Finance Minister (CDU) at Lower Saxony has a Heils controversy as "completely wrong". "Should not always be consolidating additional packages and affecting the younger generations," said Hilbers the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (editing Tuesday).

    Speaker Heil, Franziska Haas, said the Minister of Labor Party had not agreed his model with Merkel. Heil had given his recommendation without a test of way – there is now a need for debate. The finance will be debated "if there is an integrated model with its partnership partner," she said. The minister expects to incur expenses in the & # 39; one sized billions.

    "Pensions of respect" of the SPD: Now turn Merkel on

    12:57: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is proposing to clarify his / her finances; land rented. Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) strongly said that the years that ultimately brought up high tax revenue, Martina Fietz, the Executive spokesman, said Monday in Berlin . So, the Chancellor asked that "Labor Minister's appointments and Minister of Finance should be brought together".

    Merkel (CDU) can see its & # 39; Labor Labor Hub Hubertus Heil (SPD)'s opinion for a back-up basic pension. In the partnership for an evaluation test it is presented, spokesman Martina Fietz Monday said in Berlin. Such a message does not include health. Merkel also wanted clarity about the finance. The Union came back to criticize, however, however, The Wing Salvation concept of the CDU staff praises a "reasonable basis for debate".

    12:40: In partnership with Labor Minister's plans, Hubertus Heil (SPD) for land rent, Secretary-General SPD Lars Klingbeil is a " stress the Union. The leader of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on this topic "made great commitments to the people in East Germany," Klingbeil said the "Rheinische Post" (Tuesday). "Now it has to show that that really means."

    Klingbeil said: "Identifying the lives of people in pensions and doing something against age poverty, the Union is too expensive." At the same time they want to pay the billions for tax cuts for the rich. Because something is not fitting together.

    It wants to increase millions of pensions – but the CDU has rejected the Heils project

    Update from February 4, 2019, 10: 48m: Following the FDP director, Christian Lindner and the Greens are now making a fine on the pension plans of the Labor and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil, also a politician of the UDP. The caretaker of the house of the Head of Union, Eckhardt Rehberg (64), is particularly concerned about the financing of the land rent called. As a pension increase would cost the government around five billion euro a year. The program is to be funded from taxes – usually earners will not pay a significant amount of income.

    "With the Union, there is a tax increase and no new debts can be made in any situation," said Rehberg pictureIn addition, FB General Secretary Nicola Beer (49) criticized Heil's pension plan. It is "unfair and populist" because it is "at the expense of its people," said the politician.

    The former SPD director, Sigmar Gabriel, has responded with a poignant recommendation on his party's Grundrenten plans – and the head of SPD Andrea Nahles succeeded. The Hubertus Heil (SPD) Social Minister's proposals "are fair, just and too bad", Gabriel wrote on Monday at Twitter. "It is the Ministry of Social Affairs on the way, which was two years ago preventing its basic pension with the Chancellor. That's good."

    The Minister for Social Affairs two years ago: Andrea Nahles. This was launched in March 2018, until then Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor, with Olaf Scholz Gabriel after renewing new consortium.

    Pensions: Even Economist from the Ifo Munich Institute criticized Heils Grundrenten's opinion

    And not just because of politicians that Heil's pension proposition meets with difficulty. The economic expert Clemens Fuest from the Ifo Munich Institute also produces habitats. It is scared that the basic pension will also benefit many "who have income from other sources or from a partner who has a pension above a basic security level". As the concept of health provides to & # 39; such a basic pension is certified without trial – so independent of the fortune.

    Pensions: Christian Lindner thinks Heils pension concept is unfair

    Update 18:31: FDP director, Christian Lindner, has criticized the plans of the Hubertus Heil Party Party (SPD) Minister for land rent as it is not right. "Then someone will ask: If I paid for 35 years and I paid a much larger degree – why will the other tax subsidy get?", Lindner said on Sunday afternoon in "Report from Berlin " High, "That's not okay." For people needing, the security is uniquely dependent. For pension purposes but an application must be inserted: "Life performance, which is financially paid – that is between finally endeavoring. "

    The plans of the Labor Minister are to ensure that millions of low salaries move automatically to higher pensions in the future after decades of working life. So small pensions should be increased over a billion program up to 447 euros per month. Heil wants to fund money from tax revenue.

    Hubertus Heil.

    © dpa / Wolfgang Kumm

    Original pension notice from 3 January 13.58:

    Munich – The Greens criticize Grundrentenkonzept of Hubertus Heil's Federal Social Minister (SPD). Although the fundamental idea is going on the right way, "but the finances are totally curious," said Markus Kurth, a policy spokesman; Police at Bundestag Green Party, "Merkur Munich".

    Not only does health support new ideas, but that everyone is entitled to be entitled to his / her; a basic pension, it's amazingly amazing: "I know where he wants to take the money." Kurth added a newspaper, "I'm warning against a promise and I do not keep millions of retired postmen." If this happens, the minister is at risk "to promote people to the right".

    Also read: AfD wants a pension system to restructure hard: new information known

    The Labor Minister Heil wants to improve pensions millions of low wages

    It is said that up to four million low income earners earn a lot of money after a basic pension concept from Hubertus Heil. It aims to raise the monthly increase of long-term pension makers up to 447 euros. With his partner partner, SPD minister with billions of dollars, but he says: Heil wants to spread the money "with the irrigation," the socialist CDU Peter White .

    "Those who paid decimals into pension insurance should have been well-preserved in old age," said Concept concept, which was on Sunday's AFP journalist. The sums financed by taxes are payable to those who have at least 35 years of compulsory duties, particularly from work, children's acquisition and care work.

    The pension is unlikely to be in line with Labor Minister's proposals without testing already – for current and future pensioners. "It will benefit three to 4 million people, many of them are women," Heil writes in his paper. In the "Bild am Sonntag" he sent his "half-digit semi-digital" cost per annum.

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