Premier League: Liverpool game with West Ham United

Team manager, Jürgen Klopp, has been suffering from Liverpool for his & her. first play in 29 years. Leaders of the Premier League played leadership against West Ham, and screw 1-1 (1-1). For Liverpool, the second prize in the series is three points; in chief president of Manchester City.

Sadio Mané Liverpool started 22 minutes, with a score in three league games. However, the holder James Milner had been half of it to visit outside that should not be counted.

The steward was amazing, because at that time West Ham had been a harder team, the only chance to find out was a barrier to the start of his / her. Record of Nineteen. But the Chicharito Leverkusen left two good opportunities in the & # 39; first quarter of an hour: first he lost the ball (3), and did not suffer the keeper of Liverpool, Alisson (12).

Mikhail Antonio, who was released free of charge to Alisson after the free expense and was marked with internal help (28.), he was more Better. The antagonist, Naby Keita, was too long in this scene.

As Liverpool's actions were in the middle of the worst half, Klopp responded with two aggressive players by Xherdan Shaqiri and Divo Origi. This was almost unpaid, but Origi had not lost the final chance of the game over time.

Already on the previous week, it was enough to oppose Baile Leicester for the Reds despite leadership. Liverpool will face AFC Bournemouth in the next league game this Saturday. Manchester City with his team manager Pep Guardiola can match points in the early Everton Wednesday competition.

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