Rageberger gives Cologne Brewery

DRadeberger's biggest German animation club is for giving his brewery in Cologne-Mülheim in the years to come. To date, the Haus Kölscher Brautradition – a subsidiary of Radeberger – represents its bracelets Cologne Sion, Gilden, Peters, Dom, Küppers and Sester. In future, these symbols will be pushed by Früh's brewery, a Cologne-based family business with 420 staff to date. By 2020, bottles will be redeveloped, and by autumn 2021 a bottle of bottles will follow.

Tillmann Neuscheler

The Radeberger Group will continue to market its marketing, but the brewery site will be abandoned, but the company's headquarters will remain. “We will create a combination, but a marvelous march,” said Georg Schäfer, Chief Executive of the Radeberger sub group, and the collaboration between Früh and Radeberger should ultimately save costs. similarly the same size of representation in a man and the same city, it is inevitable that one thought about “using one of these resources,” said Niels Lorenz, spokesperson for the regulation of Radeberger.

The collaboration was suggested by Radeberger: "At first, we got an unusual idea," said Alexander Rolff, the privately impaired partner of the private brother with the official name of Cölner Hofbräu Früh. But the benefits are clear. In the first of the brewery, all the third Cologne languages ​​will be crushed in the future. According to the company's information, the Früh species itself has so far reached a market of around 20 per cent, including the Radeberger badges. The market director follows approximately 30 in Reissdorf, who is also a family business. Cologne must be pushed in Cologne.

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