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Regionalliga Nordost: DFB is banning the boost of Chemnitzer

Has BAK been granted permission for permission?

The DFB walls

The German Football Association cannot look at third-party consents in the cards. On the MDR request this explains Jochen Breideband, the third manager of the DFB. “In terms of the current status of the access course in addition to the individual submissions, DFB is currently undertaking the principle of non-public data”, so that the CFC does not know what this is: t per cent, from DFB or NOFV, "criticized CFC's coach David Bergner in Saxony Television" and that's why Bergner does not want to kill the bottles of wine or flame even when he t winners in Nordhausen.

Berlin AK: He did not apply for a license

But there are clear answers at least from AK Berlin. Mehmet Öztürk, BAKER Sports Director, confirmed to the MDR Friday: "We did not apply for a license." At the time of the application, the club had a dozen points. Since the club would have decided to save 20,000 to 30,000 euro for their license license, so Öztürk. In fact, we've been uncertain now, we didn't expect it to be scarce, "the 54-year-old is adding to it. However, the CFC will not want to rely on it. Statements were given by BAK as the relationship between the two groups is tight.

CFC-rise? Lighting on 15 June

Sporty, the CFC – came on top of the BAKS announcement – on Friday so make the perfect climb. Chemnitz also concluded the third-tier responsibilities, and then decided on 15 June. DFB will then provide third-level licenses for the highest league.

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