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Rewe: The Pay Revolution! Short, it will be very different if you go to the cashier

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At Rewe's cash table, customers could expect to have a whole new shopping experience of the future – they must pull their mobile phones for the payment process.

Munich – The chain of Rewe series tries new ground. In the future, shoppers should not only scan their own articles – they can do this by telephoning their own mobile phone. Across Europe the movement in supermarkets for self-service is now restarting by scanning mobile phones so the next step is. That is saying Lebensmittelzeitung,

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This can only be done by a pilot project in a branch in Cologne-Rodenkirchen. There, self-scanning is offered. The test should indicate whether or not the new process is acceptable to German users. In the marketplace, self-scanning will be possible with specific devices marketed as well as users' phones.

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Rewe: An app is needed for a new way of money

But this is not prepared: the user must install an application for the process – this is called “Smart Shopping”. There they need to register with their pay account number. Shop starters mark a QR code scan at a supermarket door.

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Rewe: Huge savings to customers

Rewe emphasized the issue Lebensmittelzeitungthat the new method keeps a lot of time when they buy it. Products need not be included on the paylist any more. If an article is often scanned, simply click on the "minus" symbol. In the end, you will be paid by the service self-service or payer.

In recent months, the trend in self-funding has already emerged. Netto and Kaufland had also introduced self-service cash records.

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