Sonos Amp to launch 12 February>

The recent launch of the IFA Sonos Amp (recital) in 2018, will be launched to the German market in just under two weeks. From 12 February, the amplifier will be available for 699 euros on as well as the seller.

Amp Backside

According to Sonos, Sonos has also introduced three new solutions for "formal interaction" with the new viewer: unusual, wallpaper and external speakers.

They offer all the benefits from the Sonos system – a & # 39; including the control of the app, the use of available streaming services, AirPlay2 control and regular software updates. In addition, up to three pairs of Sonos In-Ceiling, In-Wall or Outdoor Speaker with Sonance can be operated by Sonos amp.

  • Speaker Sonos In-Ceiling with Sonance (699 Euro / pair) and Speaker Sonos In-Wall with Sonance (699 Euro / pair) can be fascinatingly changing to the corresponding room via iPhone or iPad in conjunction with the Sonos Amp via TrueplayTM. Today's subordinates on as possible, available from February 26
  • Sonos Outdoor Speaker with Sonance (899 Euro / pair) is designed to use outdoor and output. Stand with moisture, water, spray salt, heat, UV rays and frozen temperatures. It will be available from April 2019.

Sonos Speaker

The new amplifier is twice as powerful as the previous one, and Supporting wireless wireless AirPlay 2 protocol and more than 60 streaming services and, like the last Sonos Beam, an ARM HDMI connection for the TV.

Fewer reserved for healthy home users and more professional installers, the amp responds to normal AV racks and can enhance up to four speakers at 125 watts each channel.

Sonos Amp – A look at the features:

  • With a power of 125 watts per channel, the amplifier will give up to four speakers and support your higher loyalty
  • Port HDMI ARC and AUX application for additional audio source
  • The TV will provide a stereo sound for the TV and you can block your home-based Wi-Fi home theater. With 2 amps sounds, the sound that is distributed can then be able
  • Sonos supports more than 60 streaming services for music, podcasts, radio and audio books
  • Via AirPlay2 Any audio from iPhone or iPad can be sent to all speakers on the Sonos Home Sound System
  • Our platforms have new APIs and partnership unions that enable us to control the beautiful home
  • Volatile control through Sonos App (iOS and Android), remote TV control, AirPlay2 or voice with Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices
  • The amp can now be connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable; For LAN connection just wip the WLAN in the Sonos app
  • Stereo or non-bilingual sound for an open space or a music room
  • With medium heat sink, air appliances and separate product levels, the ammunition is engineered to maintain accommodation and deliver power permanently
  • The digital digital support that eliminates the need to convert digital to digital transmission, thus the crystal sound is clear for a stream of music and TV
  • Connect current speakers: Two interconnected connections for the left and right channels provide highest performance. Thanks to their normal frequency, it is also possible to use the own banana plugin.

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