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Soon without eye: A child will keep an iPad iPad for 48 years – Digital Life

His father allows the child to be without seeing someone with his iPad – when he returns, the machine is locked. And until 2067.

Through Twitter, an American journalist Evan Osnos had recently shared his sorrow with the world: his son was just three years old on his iPad, having fared with him. the destruction of an engine for nearly half a decade. But how could that happen?

Children lock iPad

The Osnos division, which writes for the New Yorker, tells the scale of the evil being illustrated on the Twitter stage. It should take 25,536,442 minutes to use the machine again – that is equivalent to more than 48 years. Underneath the picture, Osnos wrote: "Uh, which looks fashionable, but unfortunately this is our iPad after the three-year-old has tried several times to reveal it."

Just as it has, many Twitter users have mentioned the tweet, with the answers celebrated with humor rather than bad advice.

  • "Your third year began with your age"
  • "I'd only wait to see"
  • "Sell online on eBay: NEW, only used only"

How can I lock my iPad lock?

But how did he come to a lock long year? Apple's security system uses tools for all password entries. Thus the son of Evan Osnos must be on the password several times wrong.

But don't worry: the reporter doesn't have to stop it for 48 years. This information is available on the Apple support page: When you connect your Apple device to a computer and open your iTunes, it can be re-activated. Now you have to choose which option to refresh in the pop-up window and everything is as it previously. Bad news: If the device is not supported by the device, all your data should be gone. Regular support may stop data loss.

So, if you don't want your iPad to be locked for ever, you don't leave your children alone. If the accident has already taken place, you can switch to Apple Support – have a look at some new Apple iPads recently introduced by Apple.

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