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Take a weight on healthy diet and save our lives

Planet on diet

Recently, a commission of 30 scientists has led to the life of a nutrition concept that helps someone to lose weight and eat healthy. Although many people commit this, everyone has a weight. As the nutritional plan is appropriate to be stable and healthy that fits more than 10 billion people without being able to; spoil our planet. This is how the diet looks like, but only on health, we will also consider the ground.

In 2050, there will be around 10 billion people living on Earth. The current food modes already reach their boundaries, and leaving deep circuits to our planet. The EAT Lancet Commission on Nutrition, Planet and Health has developed a nutritional way that will allow healthy eating to be eaten without being damaged; our planet. The search results were recently published in the "The Lancet" magazine.

A sensitive dietary change can not only improve your own health, but also on-shore health. (Image: marilyn barbone /

What's behind her & # 39; Planetary Food?

The Commission made its first comprehensive scientific review to clarify what a healthy diet is based on a steady food system and what actions to support and accelerate its & transformation to that system. Based on these things, the Planetary Protection name has appeared.

Food is just food

According to the Commission, this diet brings together the latest vision of healthy eating and its; meet the stability requirements that we need to be struggling for. "Health healthy diet should be improved and in general develops a state of full physical, mental and social health, not just in disease", researchers write their shortcut report.

We eat too much meat, sugar, fat and grains

"Consumer eating is at the highest level of calories and includes a variety of plant foods," a summary of the feeding animals. Small sums should not come from animal origin. In the same way, the levels of non-suspended gown, wild grains and sugar should be kept low. Even enough food should be on the table.

This is similar to a stable and healthy diet plan

The following broad overview shows how the Commission is going to; Believing that the best and stable diet should be compiled. The overall view of the calorie daily refers to 2500 calories, average wear in middle-aged men. Personal calorie wear may have to be changed.

  • full-sleeve: (for example from rus or wheat): 232 grams per day; equals 811 calories
  • Stalking vegetables (me, potato): 50 grams per day; equal to 39 rocks
  • vegetables (all types): 300 grams per day; responding to an average of 78 calories
  • fruit (all types): 200 grams per day; which corresponds to an average of 126 calories
  • milk (me, iogart no milk): 250 grams per day; equal to 153 letters
  • Red meat: 14 grams per day (about two steaks per month), equivalent to 30 calories
  • hens: 29 grams (approximately one week attending) are & # 39; make 62 calories
  • eggs: 13 grams per day (one egg every 4 to 5 days); It represents 19 calories
  • fish: 28 grams per day (one to two weekly service); 40 callers
  • legumes: 75 grams per day; responding to an average of 284 calories
  • nuts: 50 grams per day; which corresponds to an average of 291 calories
  • Unsaturated fat added: 40 grams a day, equivalent to 354 calories
  • Extra fatty fat: 11.8 grams per day, equivalent to 96 calories
  • Extra sugar: 31 grams per day, equivalent to 120 calories


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