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The first Cabinet meeting: The five ministers deliver

How does Germany set its climate targets for 2030? This should clarify the climate cabinet, which meets today for the first time. At Merkel, there are also three ministers who have failed so far regarding climate protection.

By Angela Ulrich, ARD-Hauptstadtstudio

The Federal Minister for Environment, Svenja Schulze, is happily looking at the permitted situation. The politician SPD is delighted that so many students are currently going to streets to defend the climate: "For me, as the person who has responsibility for protecting the climate." Time, it's true, and that's a great big tail, which is debated, and that is good. "

The youngsters from "Fridays for Future" are not haunted by Svenja Schulze, the chancellor and his team, but angry. Out of coal already in 2030, they want, in addition, 100% renewable energy five years later, to 2035. If this does not repeat the targets. T Climate in Germany, that is the crisis.

"Manual, it's not right"

This should be heard in the ears of the people who sit together in the Climate Cabinet for the first time today. For Germany there is a lot in arrears – even though a Federal Minister of Economics has called a typical article: "The Federal Government promised to maintain the climate objectives 2030. well we meet our aims." and climate. "

Scientists are against it – as the Sebastian Helgenberger sustainability researcher: "The Paris Agreement for protection of the weather, the news is not so hopeful, because we can see that the instructions are true, but not the right distance. "

Traffic has not saved anything yet

There have been too few recent rises in the expansion of renewable energy, giving the scientist a warning. Also, alongside Peter Altmaier and Svenja Schulze, are Ministers of Cabinet, who obviously cut their targets of CO2 saving, sit round the table at Weather Cabinet. First and foremost, the Minister of Transport Scheuer. Transport has been the only area in which greenhouse gas has not been saved since 1990.

Andreas Scheuer has completely failed to find the leader of the Green Party Anton Hofreiter: "The Minister for Transport so far has said hostilely when he comes to the nitrogen oxygen limit and to date nothing has been relevant." to improve traffic, climate crisis is re-radiating directly and it is essential to have clear protection railings for the car industry. ” t

"We have added a lot to CO2 emissions"

Bauminister Horst Seehofer and Minister for Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, are going back. Chancellor of the Exchequer is currently taking the climate cabinet. Pupils from the Berlin stadium have given a recent explanation to Angela Merkel why Germany cannot exclude itself:

“We have spent much of our carbon footprint for decades, and this is why we now have the task of finding technical solutions, and investing in a significant amount of energy, and using power for that. it is why learning is really important to the natural sciences because most of the technical solutions are available.

The Climate Protection Act is being prepared later this year

Technology is not enough, we have to change our way of life not only that the Greens say. Environment Minister Schulze wants to prescribe a climate protection law binding, which goes in 2030 what savings the CO2 needs to be – and if that doesn't work, who does not? paid by him. Because Germany would have to buy corruption rights from other EU states.

Schulze wants the ministry responsible for this to be responsible: "The people who have responsibility for paying for this – we must get a key within the government and will be on issued to the whole government at this time, that's not right.

Climate protection law should be put forward this year. There is a lot of work waiting on the climate cabinet.

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