The German women's relay influences its & # 39; Canmore

The German biathletes of the world cup in Chanmore in the relay race have been presented as a good test of the " World Cup barley. Four weeks before the sixth in Sweden increased, the DSV quartet wins Vanessa Hinz, Franziska Hildebrand, Denise Herrmann, despite the pipe crimes of two Laura Dahl Meier Olympic awards about 4×6 km.

Even at the World Cup a home in Oberhof (2nd) and Ruhpolding (3rd), German biathletes were on the road; podium

Just over a year after his last rehabilitation benefit in Ruhpolding, German Women's Federation (DSV) defeated second in Vikings (2 penalties + 7 quiet walks) by 30.2 seconds after giving twelve, the third went to France (0 + 12 / 41.6 seconds).

As it was in the relay race of the men, in which the German team finished its fourth, the jury decided to hosting the competition despite the cold of the art of 19 degrees under zero. According to the rules of the IBU World Cup competition, the World Cup at air temperature is not allowed below under 20 degrees.

A DSV coach creates critical organizers

"We made you think that the health of women's athletes should be taken into account," said the case coach Kristian Mehringer in his & her; High and explained that the decision was held as a "end".

Starting on the runner The cold was not waived and given by Hinz after he gave one specific precision to Hildebrand, in order to hold her rubbish to the podium. After only three quiet walks and a strong running, Herrmann finished the Dahlmeier runner into the three-second race on the Italians. The seven-year-old marriage was punished in the last episode that was once more exciting, but it only affected with confidence to complete.

On Saturday, the sprint races will take place in the & # 39; Chanmore (from 20:20 CET), however, shows that the weather is Redistribution of temperature down to 30 degrees. Sunday would be available as a tour, before starting a soldier's week at the Hollow Said / USA, the last World Cup before the World Cup in Sweden (7 to 17 March) on the program.

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