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"The Old People's Rolls: Arena": Deaths come in to every place

3D graphics was in video games that provoked me early. Already as a child I was enthusiastic about the look of isometric in "Spindizzy", for the "Nebulus" rotary towers and the polygons from the "Babel Tower". But he has not been fascinating up to nineteen with games such as "Doom": among them, there is a worldwide world suddenly come true.

After seeing the first time in a game magazine, "The Elder Scrolls: Arena" landed correctly on my list for desires. A three-dimensional game such as the "Ultima Underworld", which includes a huge world? It was like a dreamer for a teenager who met the sex with a diagram from "Ultima".

The truth then looked different: remember & # 39; I have "Arena" over everything like an interesting game and lines close to each other – and left me after a few hours. Now I play "Arena" again, almost 25 years after it has been released.

The game was delivered once eight o'clock 3.5-inch. I can save the magnificent installation I can now, the Bethesda manufacturer who offers a classic PC on his website is free for download. It is possible to play with the DOSBox emulator.

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Classic RPG:
This is similar to "Older scrolls: Arena"

Getting out freely

The story begins very similarly in the & # 39; Most of the elements "The Elder Scrolls": as a prisoner in excavation. The main person will dream the Ria Silmane servant and should stop the jagist Jagar Tharn. He removed King Uriel Septim, sent him away and his position to the parallel side, and took his place.

Logic come back to me a few times and explain what's on. It makes it very clear for me that I'm the only hope of Tamriel's mainland, the situation of her game.

Already, when I fled, I must say: Deaths are coming in "Arena" everywhere. The rags and rats always attack me, that is why I need to go to; Regular relaxation – play games were not long since automatic remedies in 1994. If I'm unlucky, funny thieves awaken and I'm dead before I can defend himself.

Everything looks empty and the same

The fight is simple: If the opponent attacks each other, I am in a position; Gut my sword on the side or crack the face There is no big difference between the move. It is still a good feeling to miss wildly with the mouse.

I'll bite myself, save it regularly and then. pushing a long passage to the outside. Now the world of "Arena" is open to me. According to a pack, it is eight square kilometer cover, divided into nine sections. These include both the Morrowind volcano and the Skyrim with snow. So, the ranks of the sequences are already part of "Arena". But how is this possible if the game responds to eight flexible devices?

The sensible answer: The world is not always. It is politely created, so determined by its computer. And that's why everything looks as empty and as it is.

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Enthusiasm full of transparency

In fact I want to see Tamriel on the leg. That is not possible. To move on, I am responsible for fast travel work. I remember again – this limit of my awareness has been in my way forward.

In the tasks a similar problem appears: I am in a position; follow a randomized mission or find the eight parts of a camp to stop Tharn. Ria wants me to go to a abandoned mineral where she does not know. So, I'm going to quench residents; home quickly so that someone tells me about Hammerfell. The queen of this provincial may help me – as long as I get a card from a full full-breasted fort.

The fort and mine are among the few areas in the "Arena" designed by developers by hand. However, they are inter-commercial due to block design. As someone would scratch print to a paper on it; the paper.

This argument is going to be in & # 39; Find other parts of the staff: Although I am familiar with cities, caves and buildings, all of these are established without soul.

Eventually successful

25 years ago, I spent early, I always died. Today, it's amazing how easy "Arena" is. It's enough to watch fast on wiki pages, so that I can easily keep it and get plenty.

As an adult, I have no further problems with the bands, who have included me for long-term sport. Instead, I'll get into trouble now, as soon as & # 39; And I use fast travel work: According to the text panel you did not; I can live on the trip. Why? That does not tell me "Arena" directly.

I am very seriously remembered, and a short investigation is going on; Confirming suspicion: I grabbed her grandchild at the break of her prison – information that she has; hiding hidden in the status screen. Fortunately there is a temple in every town that cures my knight for a little obolus.

For historians a video game

My decision is currently similar to the one who was; : The first "The Elder Scrolls" is a technically interesting test that has a " early mental illness. After all, the 3D graphics with colorful color polyeshes wake up nostalgia. He also likes the magic system that the bruise will make the spell itself.

But how good is a big game world, if everything works interchangeably? "Arena" magic disappears quickly. At the end, the game is almost entirely associated with the idol "Ultima Underworld" or "The Elder Scrolls" today, and the world has worked hard.

It's like the "Elite" room game in 1984 with its 3D-fold graphics: I need a lot of imagination to go through my trip through Tamriel to live.

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