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These symptoms are signs of heart cancer

A heart tumor is rare – but dangerous

Although heart disease is most responsible for most deaths and cancer, it is rare and very rare disease. Why torches do not affect its & # 39; heart, explain American criminals.

The American Heart Association recently reported a rare incident of Jan Mitchell from Tennessee. A 62-year-old tumor was at his heart almost as big as a tennis ball.

Because of its sadness, it is difficult to prove heart tumor. (Image: psdesign1 /

He started with unnecessary tiredness

"I was not tired of me," Mitchell reports in a recent report from the American Heart Society. The rubbish was so big that the Tennessee woman had no power to do anything after she came home from work. To get to bottom this sentence, ask her help from doctors.

Doctors Odyssey

Mitchell visited one doctor after each other. It was inspected several times, a stress was tested, and was sent to the dormitoric work for sleep apnea (respiratory failure) – not to succeed. Ultimately, the doctors who suspected his / her; watered as the person involved and tested tomatoes. Then the image technology detected that the tumor was on its heart through the CT scan.

Heart tumors are very rare

There is little knowledge of heart cancer so long. There is an analysis that says that there are fewer than 100,000 people per year like such a tumor. "A heart surgeon may only have one person as long as he works completely," a & # 39; cardio-oncologist definition med. Monika Leja from the Frankel Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan.

Heart tumors are very uncertain

Around three-quarters of each uncertain friend's tower is around, telling the cartoonist. Typics of this type are rarely created by metadata. Despite this, they are very dangerous. The tumor can greatly hinder natural heart activity. In addition, parts of the tumor can be broken and suddenly stimulate stroke. These tumors are usually removed directly after they have been discovered.

Why is cancer so rare

"A heart is made up of a connecting machine, and cancer in this insect is rare," added to Dr. Scott Schuetze from the University of Michigan Cancer Census Center. The epithelial vocabulary is known as epilelial words, which is most commonly reported in epilelial words. Growth in groups such as bristle, chest, disease, pancreas, stomach, euskal and skin.

The heart is more susceptible to blood problems

"Because the heart is very dependent on blood fluid for its work, it is more likely to be associated with diseases of the blood vessels," said the expert. These include, for example, diseases such as poor growth and arteriosclerosis (arteriosclerosis). (G)

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