Thomas Seitel: friend Helene Fischer is shown for a particular look – "How sad is that, is not it?"

An old video by Thomas Seitel encourages fans of Helene Fischer and her new lover. Some will see them confidential.

Munich – opened the page The Instagram below the back of a jerseys link – is dedicated to the new comparison Helene Fischer, Thomas Seitel, and also the title "title". Hot pictures are enough enough for their modeling work to be posted. But again and again to get it from time to time.

Thomas corporate is underpinned by Thomas Seitel for refuse collection vehicles

The Sunday video gives a lot of talks. And also hated. It seems that Thomas Seitel is soft and soft, because he is changing a corporate event. "We have the power to spread. And our work is to give you reliable and reliable waste-building vehicles so you can do any formal cleaning work," he said in a loud voice hard.

This work was not limited to assessment. Thomas Seitel's catastrophic abilities were also needed: He is seen to hang in a rubbish band (!) On a mobile truck, still his teeth.

It's a leap, a & # 39; grind through and crawl: "The face words, women and nobles, our power." Then it's a & # 39; Provides another model with the words "41 cubic meters of varying size for collecting waste". And todars are still used.

"Helene Fischer, poor Thomas, Thomas Seitel is growing tomorrow on his"

For fans, there is a lot of sadness for today's friend Helene Fischer (Helene Fischer: Opening an unbelievable picture with a friend of Thomas Seitel, as * reports). "Now it's to a letter," HAHA omg I howl. WHAT IS THIS THIS! "He says." WHAT IS YOU? "," What do you do for a bit of a bit "and" Helene's poor, who is always a " hurt her more and more. "And:" Helene, Helene, Helene, how sad is it that now? "

Many of Thomas Seitel's but also in defense. "But you know that that was long, long before Helene. One should be healthy," a follower responds to a pre-lying account. "Thomas you do that good," he says. "Finally, stop the person doing badly," someone wants.

"There's something here at least Thomas Seitel"

And indeed there are also some interesting ideas. For example: "At least he has something here. And most of all, he also has his pants …"

Many of them have a lot of time. Because: Thomas Seitel is doing the job for a professional make-up carrier professionally and with full corporate effort, comparing techniques and advanced skills.

If you're looking for a bit, you will also find a 21-minute "Original" on YouTube, uploaded by its own producer and registered at IFAT 2014 in Munich, known as the "Commerce Commerce Show Earth for Water, Behavior, Waste and Raw Habitat Management ".

If you are already lamenting, there may be more information about the little glitch that Thomas Seitel has recently banned at a fashion show in Munich. Not about his quiz, he probably sent Claudia Effenberg's daughter back.

Video: Helene Fischer's new friend, Thomas Seitel, wanted to be a stroke

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