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VR headset Rift In the short test: three steps, three back

In the spring, Facebook updates the Oculus VR format: The Rift is on the terminus of the Rift S PC, the Oculus Quest comes instead of the self-supporting Oculus Go headset. The two machines cost 449 euro including a handheld administrator. But while the effort is much better than that previously held (see a hand-made article), the Rift S does much worse than the three-year Rift. We carefully reviewed the new headset PC at the Oculus event in London.

Firstly, the changes are positive: Instead of wearing an elastic headband, the Rift is now worn by lifting a stiff ring. This design, known as "halo", has already been used on Sony's Playstation VR and people are particularly looking at their smaller heads than the goggling design of their old ski – but also with a big head! T join him very well. Oculus worked with Lenovo to design it, so the headset has a "Lenovo" letter.

Turn the knob to position the Rift S.'s head size.

Turn the knob to position the Rift S.'s head size.

(Image: heise online / jkj)

The new traffic system doesn't require the traffic cameras to have been there before. Using five cameras built into the headset, the Rift S sits in the room and selects both hand controls. Already during a short trial of Oculus Quest we were delighted with the reliable access, even with Quest S (with a bigger camera than the Quest) couldn't get any bad problems. The trapping just stops when you sort your hands in such a way that the moderator leaves it down – and there should never be enough activity in practice. In total, Oculus's login work will be better than Windows Mixed Reality.

Another solution is the solution: Instead of 1080 × 1200 pixels as before, the Rift S shows each 1280 × 1440 pixels view. The picture seems smaller pixelated not only because of the higher resolution of 40%, but also with the display technology used. Instead of OLED with an unfair submarine device ("teddy peann"), the new Rift has an early LC panel with subtitles which are fairly proportioned. The regeneration rate has been reduced from 90 to 80 Hertz, but we have not noticed that this was a short test.

heise online / jkj

As a result of building circles, the Rift S is more comfortable than its previous one.

(Image: heise online / jkj)

But the new exhibition technology also has disadvantages: when there are strong differences, you can see slow effects when moving your head. However, these are only visible in extreme situations, for example by black writing on a snowback background. As it is more likely we would get the worst black rate: Although the OLED panel in the old Rift may put the pixels off in a black display, the Rift S Black represents as a gray counter. dark.

Instead of two panels, the Rift S uses only one screen, which is not technically very good, but financial reasons. As a result, you cannot now change the earrobe strategically to your own eye shadow (IPD, interconnector,) but only in digital format. In other words, two pixels move with two portraits that can be seen on the exhibition display. In practice, this means that the Rift S is very popular for people with IPD between 61.5 and 65.5 millimeters, in the old Rift it was still 56 to 74 millimeters. Just on the way: The least likely time is to face the same mechanical change of IPD as the first Rift.

The Rift S's rulers are identical to the Oculus Quest. To the right is the Oculus Go leader.

Managers of the Rift S hand share the same design as the Oculus Quest. To the right is the Oculus Go leader.

(Image: heise online / jkj)

The Rift S is also suffering from other austerity measures: Instead of clipping earphones like in the old Rift, the S-only model has built no quäkige speakers. These not only sound your ear but also the whole room. There is at least a jacket, so you can connect your own headsets – but you must, if you want to go in the VR. Games like Beat Saber are not fun with the people who live there.

If you already have Rody Oculus, you need to balance the positive changes (better surveillance, internal tracking, higher resolution) above the negative level (worse level, poorer IPD situation,) worse pillows). It is good to know that Oculus continues to support an old Rift along the Software.


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