WhatsApp-Knaller: This new emoji allows all users to rest

At Messenger WhatApp, there's a new smileys again in 2019. But the emoji makes the user a rest.

Mountain View – There are emojis like sand on sea: athletes, food, symbols or simple words. Despite this, the users sometimes lament someone or another. So WhatsApp and Co will enjoy their users every year with new emojis. There are no boundaries for the developer's creativity.

The emigrants over the years

In recent years some of the fascinating ideas have been in the world puzzle. WhatsApp's little smile and word scenes are emoji-shaped, with different skin colors, profiles and symbols available. Overall, there have been six major expansion since 2014. After most of the fruits were first introduced in 2015, the variety of skin color continued. Since then, users can change the skin color to a variety of skin tops.

Since 2014, there have been six innovations in the world of emoji

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One year later, more female characters appeared on WhatsApp. Follow more relevant gender representations in 2017. Now, as well as fire and police firefighters, fire-fighters and police women to be found. Last year, consumers were happy to include different colors of hair.

In 2019 there will be 230 new emosts

Also in the new year, Users of WhatsApp can look forward to new exciting emojis. In its new update, there will be 230 new symbols on the keyboard. As well as new skin colors and sex enhancements, there are also completely new smileys. These include new animals, such as the bird's help on her; finger. But even the most classic symbol, the red heart, can be updated. In 2017, the developers finished the rainbow with their orange heart. This year, the symbol of love also appears in white and brown.

Gender equality has been tall in the list of world-wide emoji priorities for a number of years now. Other population groups are included this year. So, emojipedia names unnecessary sex figures. They should, according to the blog, among others, represent people who are not species-aware. In addition, the couple's pictures are now in the skin color context. As a last change to WhatsApp and Co., the representations of people with physical disabilities are included in the election.

Bilingual emoji offers instant users

There is a new emoji for WhatsApp that has been debated on Twitter and provides rest users. A number of ideas make rigorous criticism of the meaning of the two-dimensional emojis. What should the "design hand", as it is called in the first one, be represented? Users are able to interpret and agree. The new hand mark will be used frequently for short reasons. One user said, "Some of the favorite women like you are the new Emoji handy."

Another Twitter user will make sure that the new emoji will definitely be used in response to unnecessary penalty images. "The new hand emosi is kissing the best answer in a missing missing pocket," a & # 39; confirm another. (Dick-Pic was not banned in Okanogan in the air) And one user is considering:

Even in a picture by Heidi Klum, the brutal users showed about detail.

When can users use the engineering hand?

The latest WhatsApp emoji list was agreed with the Unicode partnership as early as March 5. The new images, such as "Hand Pinching", will be included in updates in the following months and then appear on WhatApp. Android users may probably look forward to the twin emoji in August. It is expected that Apple users will be patient until October or November.

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