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Woman getting hold of train and killed

Danger: When an train breaks up, no-one is better on the paths
Illustration: dpa

The train is battling between places near Frankfurt, when a woman suddenly emerges on the paths. T The engine driver is starting an emergency stop – in vain.

AThe railway railway near Hattersheim was hit by a train and killed. The barriers were closed when the woman went over the transition on Tuesday afternoon, she addressed a spokesman for the Federal Police.

His wife ran between Hattersheim and Eddersheim in the Grand-Kreis on the way. The accident is proceeded with. The speaker continues.

150 kilometers per hour quickly

The regional show had been traveling from Karlsruhe to Frankfurt. Despite the emergency break, the train hit the woman at a speed of around 150 kilometers per hour. There were about 80 passengers on the train during the accident. They were not safe and were left at Hattersheimer's station from the train.

Following the accident, the route between Flörsheim and Hattersheim was closed. A stop to stop was sent for the stop to begin with. No further information was available.

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